Family Positions

Family Positions

Each person in eAdventist now has a “Family position” to provide a clearer way for you to record multi-generation families. Just like before, each Family has a Primary Contact and this person’s “Family position” is “Primary”. Now the other people in the Family can be designated as one of the following:

  • Spouse
  • Child
  • Other

You’ll see the “Family position” displayed in a couple of places on the Person page.


To change the “Family position”, click the “Edit Person” button.


For the Primary Contact, this setting defaults to “Primary”.


Just like before, you can select a different Primary Contact by clicking the “Change” button on the “Family” tab.


Multi-generation families

How can you use “Family position” to enter a family that includes grandparents? For example, one that includes:

  • Father
  • Mother
  • 2 children
  • Grandfather
  • Grandmother

If the father is the Primary Contact, set the “Family position” for each family member like this:

  • Father – “Primary”
  • Mother – “Spouse”
  • 2 Children – “Child”
  • Grandfather – “Other”
  • Grandmother – “Other”

Where is Family Position used?

The “Family position” is now used to determine spouses in the following parts of eAdventist:

  • Person Labels  – the “One per family – Primary & Spouse” option for “Recipients”
  • Church Directory (Family)
  • Pastor Spouses report

Getting started

To give you a head start, we pre-set the Family Position to “Spouse” for families that had 2 married people. We also pre-set it to “Child” for people who are single and 18 years old or less.

You will need to set the Family Position for any others.

That’s it! Now you can use the “Family position” to record a clearer picture of the families that make up your church family.

The eAdventist team

We’re on YouTube (finally)

We’re on YouTube (finally)

A lot of people have asked if there are any videos for learning eAdventist. One resourceful conference created a set of 6 several years ago, but eAdventist has changed a lot since then. Our team has wanted to help fill this need for quite a while, to supplement the vast array of articles in eAdventist’s knowledge base. Everything finally came together and our first eAdventist video is available on our shiny, new “eAdventist” YouTube channel.

The “Finding Duplicates” video is mainly for conference clerks, since the Duplicate Search feature isn’t included in “Church Clerk” or “Pastor” roles – it has limited value for a single church. Not to worry, though. You’re welcome to watch it, if you want, and we’ll be adding other videos for Church Clerks and Pastors soon. The description of each video will let you know which group/s it’s intended for.

If you’re a visual learner, or just like watching YouTube, the eAdventist channel is finally here. Grab some popcorn.

Officer Labels update


Officer Labels is powerful tool for communicating with your organization’s officers. Based on your feedback, it now handles two challenging situations even better:

Officer has been “dropped”

If the listed officer has been dropped (deceased, missing, removed, duplicate), the Officer Labels screen displays their status in red. However, the officer was still included in the mailing labels with the officer’s name and address. Now, this label will be an “Anonymous” label with the office title and the church’s address.

Rock Solid SDA Church
123 Granite St
Bedrock WA 98123

Officer’s address is empty or stopped

Until now, Officer Labels provided to option to exclude these labels or include them – with the officer’s name and empty/stopped address. Now, these labels will be “Anonymous” to ensure that the church is not left out of the mailing.

For more information on Officer Labels, check out this article in our knowledge base.

Even If Your Name is…


Some of us inherit names that are a little “more” than we want for everyday use. We’ve just added the Legal name field to eAdventist so that you can record these names for your members and use First name for their “everyday” name. Here is what the Person screen looks like now.



Person Search helps you find these members of this by searching both “First name” and “Legal name”.


You’re welcome, Fredegar.

Tagging just got easier


Tags give you a flexible way to identify groups of people in your church or conference. However, tagging people in eAdventist to create those groups has been a bit tedious. You could only tag one … person … at … a … time. The waiting is over and you can now add people to tags (and committees) so easily you’ll probably want to do it just for fun.

On Person Search and Advanced Search, the results list has checkboxes beside the names. As soon as you check one of them (1), a tool bar will appear (2) with the option to choose a tag or committee for the selected people.

Person Search

Choose a tag 

Select a tag

… and it’s done. eAdventist lets you know what happened with each selected person. Green = “added”. Yellow = “already added before”. Red = “couldn’t add”. Hover over any of the indicators to see an explanation.

Tagging results

If You’re A Pastor…



You probably thought that eAdventist was just for clerks. That is where we started but we’ve been growing eAdventist to help pastors and churches, too. Here’s a quick summary of several new tools designed specifically to help you.


Create “tags” to track small groups, spiritual gifts, Bible study requests, visitation lists and other groups in a way that’s fast and flexible. Use your tags to select people, create mailing labels, or send email messages.


Membership records come to life when you add photos of individual members and entire families. Use family photos to create a pictorial church directory.

Church Directory

In addition to the family pictures, eAdventist makes it easy to print a current, up-to-date directory whenever you need one. Include mobile phone numbers and email addresses for the adults, if you choose to.


Capture a valuable indicator of church health and growth by recording attendance. eAdventist makes it easy to start by recording attendance counts for each service or event.

Mailing Lists

Create a church mailing list (email, that is) and use it to send your church newsletter, pastor’s letter, small group invitations, church calendar or announcements. Get your message out quickly and avoid spam folders.

Member Maps

We just added “People Map” (in the Explore section) to help you create a map of members. Use it to plan visitation, outreach events and more.


The Explore section (under Reports) offers charts and graphs of members and baptism – by gender, by age. Explore the makeup of your church now and through time.

Pastor Notes

Now you can use eAdventist to record pastoral notes that are available to the pastoral staff – and only the pastoral staff – in your church. Track visits, needs and background that will help you serve your members safely and confidentially.

If you would like to know more about any of these features, we’ll be happy to help. Email us at


Getting Pastors Involved With eAdventist Membership

Last month’s CALLED Ministerial Convention in Austin, TX was absolutely wonderful. It was a blessing to meet so many pastors and hear how they use eAdventist and what they would like eAdventist to do for them. We had an opportunity to share many of the new things we’re doing in eAdventist Membership to help churches and pastors such as member and family photos, church directories, mailing lists, tags, pastor’s notes and attendance among others. We heard requests to track weekly attendance on a person-by-person level, either with a lobby self check-in process or by letting someone check names off a list on an iPad. We also talked to pastors about setting reminders and exporting them to a calendar on their phone. A number of pastors would like a mobile app of eAdventist so they could look up or map their members while out visiting. All fantastic ideas that are on the eAdventist ToDo list!

One goal for eAdventist is to have it serve as a “Toyota Camry” of Church Management Software for churches. Towards this goal we have added the features listed above as well as others such as member logins so they can check/update their information as well as access church information like the directory that is not publicly available. We will never be a Cadillac or Ferrari, but if we can meet the major needs, and eliminate the need to maintain a separate software, it would greatly benefit the local churches.

One theme we picked up on as we talked to many pastors was the desire to get more involved in using eAdventist Membership to track members and other church activities, but a number of pastors feel they are kept at arm’s length because they cannot make any changes. If they are visiting a family they can’t even update a simple phone number, email address or marital status. We also had the opportunity to talk to a number of administrators from around the NAD at both the conference and union levels. The sentiment was unanimous that we want to give pastors the power to use eAdventist Membership as a Church Management tool. To achieve this we are making a change so that pastor’s can enter information in eAdventist. This will be just the basic information, all statistics and transfers still need to be entered by the clerk, but it will increase the value to everyone as the data becomes more complete and accurate and churches are able to use eAdventist for more of their church needs.

God bless,

eAdventist Team