New & improved Notes

Until now, Notes for a person had to fit into a single field with a 500-character limit. Clerks and pastors can now create multiple Notes (no limit on size) with “happened on” dates. All existing Notes have been converted to a new Note with “date unknown”.

To create a Note, just click on the “Add a note” link.


As you enter the new Note, you have the option to choose the “Happened on” date.


Saved Notes display with the most recent at the top.


Right now, the “Who can see this?” drop-down only offers “Everyone”. This is how the Notes field has always worked. In the near future, options will be added to allow pastors and clerks to add private notes.

QuickInfo for Officers

We just added “Tooltips for Officers” yesterday and the response has been great. However, several clerks asked if it could include the officer’s phone and email, too. Great idea! The extra information was getting unwieldy for a Tooltip and making the page load slower, so it has been changed it to an “Info” icon that opens an alert window — easier to read and faster page loads.

So the Tooltips have become “QuickInfo for Officers”. As always, thank you for your ideas and feedback.


Tooltip for Officers

Proofing officer lists just got easier. Hover over any officer’s name on the “Organization” screen and you will see the officer’s chosen address — “organization” or “home” — displayed in a tooltip balloon.