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New & improved Notes

Until now, Notes for a person had to fit into a single field with a 500-character limit. Clerks and pastors can now create multiple Notes (no limit on size) with “happened on” dates. All existing Notes have been converted to a new Note with “date unknown”.

To create a Note, just click on the “Add a note” link.


As you enter the new Note, you have the option to choose the “Happened on” date.


Saved Notes display with the most recent at the top.


Right now, the “Who can see this?” drop-down only offers “Everyone”. This is how the Notes field has always worked. In the near future, options will be added to allow pastors and clerks to add private notes.

4 comments on “New & improved Notes

  1. I requested some transfers and they take longer to approve on eAdventist. I do not know why?

    • That’s a great question, Yvon. It depends on the church that you are sending the request to.

      If the church is “online” (i.e. handling their own transfers electronically with eAdventist), your message reaches them immediately. eAdventist sends the clerk an email notifying him/her of your request.

      If, on the other hand, the church is “offline” (i.e. the church uses paper transfers, the conference enters their votes electronically), things are much slower. The conference clerk is responsible for printing your request and mailing it to the church. Some conference clerks do this weekly or bi-weekly but not all. The good news is that you can watch their progress, much like tracking a FedEx package.

      First, the “Granting Church” that you are sending the request to will have an asterisk (“*”) after it’s name on the Transfers page if it is “offline”. You will also see “(Pending)” in the Printed column. When the conference clerk prints your request for mailing, you will see the print date instead (e.g. (4/1/2013))

      If the transfer seems to be stalled, you can find the phone (usually “home”) and email address for the church clerk on their “Organization” page. This will help you contact them and see what the situation is.

      If all else fails, you can enlist your conference clerk or our team (via email to to help you get things moving again.

  2. JC Atencio

    Looking forward to the private notes option!

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