eAdventist – What’s Next?

If you read Adventist News Network’s recent article about Membership Software, you discovered that the General Conference will soon be offering a web-based membership application recently developed by the South American Division. This means that the world church will eventually enjoy many of the same benefits as eAdventist has provided to the churches in North America for the last 10 years.

eAdventist is designed to fit the needs of our division in a way that will be difficult to match in a world-focused application. We are currently working on several key features specifically for churches:

  • tags (released 2011)
  • Church Locator app for iPhone/iPad/Android (released March)
  • church directories (released Sept)
  • member photos (released Nov)
  • visitors/interests
  • additional languages (e.g. Spanish, French)
  • personal accounts for members

eAdventist’s internal “plumbing” has recently been updated to enable many of these new features. Also, eAdventist will be getting a fresh new look — watch this blog for a preview. The GC Membership team is planning to establish links between the new software and the established membership applications – eAdventist and the South Pacific Division’s software (based on eAdventist) — to enable inter-division transfers.

The new GC software is not replacing eAdventist. Our team will continue to develop and support eAdventist for North America while the GC team begins to bring similar benefits to other divisions.

We look forward to serving you in 2013 and welcome the rest of the world to the benefits of web-based membership.