Reclaimed: Welcome Back

Reclaimed: Welcome Back

It’s a great day when a former member decides to rejoin the church family. We’re making a change to eAdventist help you track these events. Until now, clerks have recorded both new and former members rejoining as a “Baptisms”. Now, the former members will be recorded as “Reclaimed”.

When someone who has been “Removed” from membership decides to rejoin, click the “Change Status” button and choose “Start Reclaim”.


The person’s “Status” will be changed to “Nonmember”. If the person is rejoining a different church, you can the use “Change” button (next to the Church) to move them to the appropriate church.


The History and Statistics screens will now show this initial change.


Next, click the “Change Status” button and choose “Reclaim” (instead of “Baptism”).


This will change the person’s “Status” to “Member” (just like “Baptism” would) but will indicate that they rejoined “by Reclaim”.


Both the History and Statistics screens will now show these 2 steps.


Naturally, eAdventist allows you to undo “Start Reclaim” and “Reclaimed” statistics in case you ever need to correct a mistaken entry.

We are currently updating all of the statistical reports to include a new “Reclaimed” column. If you run these reports for any quarter earlier than 2nd Quarter, 2017 the “Reclaimed” column will always be zero because they are included in the “Baptism” column. From 2nd Quarter, 2017 on, the “Reclaimed” column will show them separate from the “Baptism” column.

Let us know if you have any other questions about the new “Reclaimed” statistic. You can find more information about “Reclaiming” in this knowledge base article.


New mail/phone/email options for Officers

We’ve just updated Officers to provide more options for church officers, conference and school workers who prefer to have a different address, phone or email for their “office” than their home address, phone or email. Choose the options on the Officer screen.

Edit Officer screen

These settings are used everywhere that the officer’s information is displayed — the Officer Info popup, Officer LabelsConference Directory, the “Contact” tab of the Organization screen and the “Offices” tab of the Person screen.



New “Conference Clerk” office title

We have added “Conference clerk” as an office title. Strangely, it hasn’t really been needed until now. This new office is used on the “Contact” tab of each conference’s Organization page. It will also be used to send email announcements specifically for conference clerks.

Merry Christmas from our team.

Streamlined family changes

Young Family Having Fun In Park


The “Change Family” screen has been a challenge — particularly for new clerks — because it combined several different types of changes on a single screen. If it has ever tripped you up, you will appreciate the way it has just been streamlined to make it faster and more intuitive.

Choosing a new Primary Contact is now a single, separate step. Just click on the new “Change” button beside the Primary Contact’s name on the “Person” screen (below).

"Person" screen with new "Change" button for Primary Contact.

“Person” screen with new “Change” button for Primary Contact.

This is what you will see when you click the “Change” button. Choosing a new Primary Contact is now faster and clearer.

Choose a Primary Contact.

Choose a Primary Contact.

The “Change Family” button is now exclusively for moving the person to a different family — a new one or an existing one. If the person you are trying to move is the Primary Contact, eAdventist will let you know if you need to choose a new one first.


Here is the new, streamlined “Change Family” page. Enjoy.


Smoother transfers!

Woman Its Done

Church and conference clerks spend a lot of time on membership transfers, so we want the process to be as smooth and efficient as possible. Here is how they just got even smoother!

Where did my “vote” links go?



The first change you’ll notice is that (#1) the “vote” links are gone. Just click the “view” link to view or vote. Next, (#2) you now have the ability to filter the transfers list by last name and/or church – especially helpful for large conferences. Finally, (#3) the “Print Pending” button has been moved for a “cleaner” look.

Adding a request


No changes here.

“Filter” power

Filter transfers

Filtering the transfers list by name or church makes it easier to process an entire family or group. Your filter values “stick” until you change them or log out. NOTE: Filtering also helps you find past transfers since it ignores the “days to show” setting and searches back to the beginning of time (eAdventist time, that is).

The new “view”

View transfer

The “view” link now takes you to a clear picture of the transfer process with (#1) a “Grant/Deny” or “Accept/Decline” button when it’s your turn to vote.  (#2)”Withdraw” and “undo” links are easy to find and use.

Entering a vote

Vote transfer

No changes here, either.

You just entered a vote…

Voted transfer

This is where we have improved the “flow”. After entering a vote, you return to the “Transfer” screen where you can see the results of your changes with easy access to “undo” or the next voting step. Click the “Back to transfers” to choose another transfer.

Going back

Back to transfers

The other big change is that (#1) the “Back to transfers” link returns to the same tab (e.g. “To grant”, “To accept”, “Completed”, “Withdrawn”) on the “Transfers” page that you started from. This makes it much easier to process a batch of transfers — an entire family, for instance. As a bonus, (#2) eAdventist no longer needs to automatically take you to the just-voted transfer’s new tab, so you spend less time waiting for the “Transfers” list to load.

That’s it. Essentially the same process with a few small but powerful changes to make transfers even easier to process. A big thank you to Susan Hess (Florida Conference) and Claudya Barrientos (Potomac Conference) for their help on this.


The Buttons Are Back

Social Media Button

As eAdventist has gained new options and features, the number of buttons has grown. To “de-clutter” eAdventist, the design team combined the long rows of buttons into a single drop-down listbox with a “Go” button beside it. This looked much cleaner but made it challenging for people to find features — even experienced eAdventist users


To end the “Hide and Seek”, we’ve brought the buttons back with a new, “clean” design that avoids the previous clutter.












After - replaces "Request New Transfer to Offsystem" button

After – replaces “Request Transfer to Offsystem” button

Officer Labels










Enjoy the new low-clutter buttons.

Sneak Preview


The design team at Stimme der Hoffnung (“Voice of Hope”) in Germany is gaining a reputation for their creative work. Not too surprising, since “German engineering” is practically synonymous with great design. We asked them to help us create a fresh, new look for eAdventist. They delivered and the new design will be ready for you to test drive in just a few more days.

But that seems like so long to wait so we decided to give you a sneak peek. Enjoy!