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Ensuring Your SMS Messages Get Delivered

There are a some big changes coming for businesses – including churches – that use mass text messaging (A2P 10DLC). Beginning August 31, mass text messages from unregistered SMS numbers will be blocked. The mobile carriers initiated this change in response to the wave of SMS spam leading up to the US elections in 2020. After several false starts and delays, they are moving ahead with a tight deadline – in preparation for the 2024 elections.

Registering your church’s “Brand” and “Campaign” for SMS

Each business (e.g. church, conference) will need to register its “Brand” and “Campaign” with The Campaign Registry. Our team will help each church register the SMS numbers they use in eAdventist and cover the costs ($19 one-time and $1.50-$2/month).

Option 1 – “Low-volume Starter Brand”

The best registration option will be the “Low-volume Starter Brand”. It will provide you with the best Message Throughput (messages per day) and Trust Score. The information we will need includes:

  • Your church’s US tax number (EIN) or Canada tax number
  • Your church’s name, as it appears on your tax number registration
  • Your church’s street/physical address
  • Your church’s web site
  • The name, email, mobile phone and title of at least one contact person – who can verify the information

Option 2 – “Sole Proprietor”

If your church does not have it’s own tax number, we can use the “Sole Proprietor” registration option. It provides a slightly lower Message Throughput and Trust Score. The information we will need is the same as for “Low-Volume Starter Brand”, except for your church’s Tax Number and Legal Name.

Watch for updates

We are currently registering a handful of churches manually to vet the registration process and will automate it for everybody else. However, you can expedite the process by gathering the necessary information now.

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