Cell phones made easier

A growing number of members are giving up their land lines and using cell phones exclusively. The “Member List” reports (by church and by conference) and the “Directory Download” were built around phone numbers shared by families and didn’t work well for families relying on cell phones.

These features will now provide the person’s mobile phone number if the family phone value is absent. Any mobile numbers will be easy to recognize since they will have “cell” appended to them.

If you have been using a “band-aid” solution like entering cell phone numbers as family phone numbers — like “360-123-4567 (cell)” — you can now clear them and the “mobile phone” number will show.

Where did “Mobile phone” and “Work phone” go?

The quick answer is that they haven’t disappeared, they’ve moved up.

Mobile phone numbers are increasingly the best way to contact members. Many clerks have asked for “mobile phone” to be more visible, so they have been moved from the “Personal” tab to the main section at the top of the “Person” screen.

They are still separate from the phone numbers on the “Family Unit” tab to make it clear that “Mobile phone” and “Work phone” belong to the person rather than the family.