About eAdventist

eAdventist Membership has been helping Seventh-day Adventist churches, conferences and unions maintain membership records and serve their members since 2003.

Requesting an eAdventist Account

For privacy reasons, eAdventist accounts are available by invitation only. If you are a pastor, church clerk or church secretary in the North American Division, contact your conference to request an account. You can use Search to find your conference’s contact info.

eAdventist currently serves the North American Division. If your church is located in another division, contact the Adventist Church Membership System team to see if ACMS is available in your area.

12 comments on “About eAdventist

  1. I am unable to make certain changes on this new eAdventist..
    Entering new member , but unable to change the member status. when attempting to edit person, nothing happens.
    HELP> PLz

    • A number of people who use older versions of Safari have experienced this problem. We made a change today that has resolved the problem for most of them. Definitely update to the most current version of Safari that you can.

  2. Rosalia Coffen

    I am unable to enter a new member to an existing church family; i.e. newly born baby. I can’t find the “new person” button on the bottom right of the contact person screen as the hard copy manual indicates to accomplish this.

  3. How to sign up in eAdventist website?

    • Eunice, your conference clerk takes provides eAdventist accounts for church clerks, pastors and church secretaries. I will email you her contact information.

    • I am also unable to get on their website.

      • eAdventist contains membership information, so you aren’t able to create an account for yourself. If you are a church clerk, your conference clerk can create an account for you.

  4. Ok Thank you very much for that, Brian.

  5. Welcome to the clerk community, Kimberly. I will send you a private message with details for setting up an eAdventist account.

  6. Dennis Farley

    I’m a pastor trying to access the site for the first time, without success. I find no option to register/open an account and therefore can’t log in.

  7. I am trying to sign in TODAY Jan 10 2022 I believe the SSL certificate is not active, I cannot open to sin in I use Chrome and it will not allow it.

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