About eAdventist

eAdventist Membership has been helping Seventh-day Adventist church, conferences and unions maintain membership records and serve their members since 2003.

8 thoughts on “About eAdventist

  1. I am unable to make certain changes on this new eAdventist..
    Entering new member , but unable to change the member status. when attempting to edit person, nothing happens.
    HELP> PLz

    • A number of people who use older versions of Safari have experienced this problem. We made a change today that has resolved the problem for most of them. Definitely update to the most current version of Safari that you can.

  2. I am unable to enter a new member to an existing church family; i.e. newly born baby. I can’t find the “new person” button on the bottom right of the contact person screen as the hard copy manual indicates to accomplish this.

  3. I’m a pastor trying to access the site for the first time, without success. I find no option to register/open an account and therefore can’t log in.

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