Email Addresses – Some Examples

Email Addresses – Some Examples

Are there officers in your church or conference that use a “work” or “officer” email address as well as their “personal” or “home” email address? eAdventist provides a simple but powerful way to track both addresses and always know that you’re using the right one.

Pastor with a Work Email Address

A typical example is a Pastor Fred who uses “” for work mail and “” for personal mail. Enter the personal/home email address on the Person page. This address will be used by Person Labels and Mailing List that are for members (“by organization”).


Then enter the work address in the “Other” field on the Officer page. This address will be used by Officer Labels and Mailing Lists that are for officers (“by office”).


Both email addresses are now displayed on the Person page.


Treasurer with an Officer Email Address

This also works well for a church treasurer who uses an email address like “” that is provided by the conference or church. Enter her personal email (“”) on her Person page, then enter the officer email (“”) on the Officer page as “Other”.

Member with Several Personal Email Addresses

Occasionally, you may have a member that wants to provide more than one personal email address. You can enter them in the “Email” field on the Person page, separated by semi-colons. All of the addresses will be used for reports, like the Church Directory or Member List. However, eAdventist will only use the first address for Person Labels and Mailing Lists.

The combination of “personal” and “officer” email addresses in eAdventist provide a simple but powerful way to handle multiple email addresses for a member.

New mail/phone/email options for Officers

We’ve just updated Officers to provide more options for church officers, conference and school workers who prefer to have a different address, phone or email for their “office” than their home address, phone or email. Choose the options on the Officer screen.

Edit Officer screen

These settings are used everywhere that the officer’s information is displayed — the Officer Info popup, Officer LabelsConference Directory, the “Contact” tab of the Organization screen and the “Offices” tab of the Person screen.



New “Conference Clerk” office title

We have added “Conference clerk” as an office title. Strangely, it hasn’t really been needed until now. This new office is used on the “Contact” tab of each conference’s Organization page. It will also be used to send email announcements specifically for conference clerks.

Merry Christmas from our team.

Updating Church Officers


eAdventist makes it easy for a church clerk (or conference clerk) to update the list of officers for your church (or conference). Keeping this information current helps both the church and conference. To get started, find your church (or conference) using “search” under the “Organizations” menu. It should look like this:


Add a new office

You want to add the new “Pastor”. Since there is no current pastor listed, you will click the “New office” button. Now you can select “Pastor” from the “Office title” list. Add an optional “Custom title” if your pastor will have some local variation on the standard title — “Family Pastor”.


Click the “Select Person” link and use the “Select Person” screen to choose your new pastor’s name. You will be selecting from people who belong to your church (or conference). If you cannot find your pastor’s name, check with your conference clerk (conference clerks can check with the eAdventist team). You also choose whether officer mail/email should use the officer’s home address or the church’s address.


Change an officer

To select a new Head Deaconess, click on the “Deaconess – Head” link (in the “Title” column). On the “Edit Officer” page, click the “select person” link to choose the new officer.


Keep an officer

When the “Change date” is more than 4 months ago, you will see a “renew” link. If your Head Deaconess will continue to serve in that position, click the “renew” link to freshen the “Change date”.

Officer is finishing, no current replacement

If the Pathfinder Director is finished his tour of duty and a replacement has not been selected yet, click the “delete” link. This will remove both the “officer” and “office”. Since there is no “undo” for this, eAdventist will ask if you are sure before actually deleting.

And, finally…

It’s always a good idea to verify that your officers’ addresses, phone numbers and email addresses are current while you’re updating this list. That’s it.

QuickInfo for Officers

We just added “Tooltips for Officers” yesterday and the response has been great. However, several clerks asked if it could include the officer’s phone and email, too. Great idea! The extra information was getting unwieldy for a Tooltip and making the page load slower, so it has been changed it to an “Info” icon that opens an alert window — easier to read and faster page loads.

So the Tooltips have become “QuickInfo for Officers”. As always, thank you for your ideas and feedback.