The Buttons Are Back

Social Media Button

As eAdventist has gained new options and features, the number of buttons has grown. To “de-clutter” eAdventist, the design team combined the long rows of buttons into a single drop-down listbox with a “Go” button beside it. This looked much cleaner but made it challenging for people to find features — even experienced eAdventist users


To end the “Hide and Seek”, we’ve brought the buttons back with a new, “clean” design that avoids the previous clutter.












After - replaces "Request New Transfer to Offsystem" button

After – replaces “Request Transfer to Offsystem” button

Officer Labels










Enjoy the new low-clutter buttons.

Photo Directories

Directory Sample

Use eAdventist to print the photo directory pages for your church directory. All you need to do is upload the photos for each family, fill in the captions, and print! Here is how:

Upload Family Photos

Add Photo

On the Family Unit section of the Person page you can:

  1. Preview the family photo if one exists.
  2. Add, change or delete a family photo.
  3. View the photo caption. Click “Edit this person” to edit the photo caption.

Photo Directory Report

Reports Menu

Photo Directory PAge

To open the Photo Directory report:

  1. Click the Photo Directory link on the Reports menu.
  2. Select the desired organization to print. For most users you will only see your church in the list.
  3. Select the starting page number for the report. The photos will generally just be one section somewhere in the middle of your directory.
  4. Click View Report to download the PDF report.

Printing Your Directory

The photo directory feature is designed to work along with the existing Church Directory report, which prints just the names, address and phone number of each family. We suggest using Adobe Acrobat to make any last minute edits to the PDF as well as insert blank pages for proper printing. You can then use Adobe Acrobat or the free Adobe Reader to print in “booklet” format so the pages come out in the proper order to be saddle stitched.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact if you have further questions.

Updating Church Officers


eAdventist makes it easy for a church clerk (or conference clerk) to update the list of officers for your church (or conference). Keeping this information current helps both the church and conference. To get started, find your church (or conference) using “search” under the “Organizations” menu. It should look like this:


Add a new office

You want to add the new “Pastor”. Since there is no current pastor listed, you will click the “New office” button. Now you can select “Pastor” from the “Office title” list. Add an optional “Custom title” if your pastor will have some local variation on the standard title — “Family Pastor”.


Click the “Select Person” link and use the “Select Person” screen to choose your new pastor’s name. You will be selecting from people who belong to your church (or conference). If you cannot find your pastor’s name, check with your conference clerk (conference clerks can check with the eAdventist team). You also choose whether officer mail/email should use the officer’s home address or the church’s address.


Change an officer

To select a new Head Deaconess, click on the “Deaconess – Head” link (in the “Title” column). On the “Edit Officer” page, click the “select person” link to choose the new officer.


Keep an officer

When the “Change date” is more than 4 months ago, you will see a “renew” link. If your Head Deaconess will continue to serve in that position, click the “renew” link to freshen the “Change date”.

Officer is finishing, no current replacement

If the Pathfinder Director is finished his tour of duty and a replacement has not been selected yet, click the “delete” link. This will remove both the “officer” and “office”. Since there is no “undo” for this, eAdventist will ask if you are sure before actually deleting.

And, finally…

It’s always a good idea to verify that your officers’ addresses, phone numbers and email addresses are current while you’re updating this list. That’s it.