Getting Pastors Involved With eAdventist Membership

Last month’s CALLED Ministerial Convention in Austin, TX was absolutely wonderful. It was a blessing to meet so many pastors and hear how they use eAdventist and what they would like eAdventist to do for them. We had an opportunity to share many of the new things we’re doing in eAdventist Membership to help churches and pastors such as member and family photos, church directories, mailing lists, tags, pastor’s notes and attendance among others. We heard requests to track weekly attendance on a person-by-person level, either with a lobby self check-in process or by letting someone check names off a list on an iPad. We also talked to pastors about setting reminders and exporting them to a calendar on their phone. A number of pastors would like a mobile app of eAdventist so they could look up or map their members while out visiting. All fantastic ideas that are on the eAdventist ToDo list!

One goal for eAdventist is to have it serve as a “Toyota Camry” of Church Management Software for churches. Towards this goal we have added the features listed above as well as others such as member logins so they can check/update their information as well as access church information like the directory that is not publicly available. We will never be a Cadillac or Ferrari, but if we can meet the major needs, and eliminate the need to maintain a separate software, it would greatly benefit the local churches.

One theme we picked up on as we talked to many pastors was the desire to get more involved in using eAdventist Membership to track members and other church activities, but a number of pastors feel they are kept at arm’s length because they cannot make any changes. If they are visiting a family they can’t even update a simple phone number, email address or marital status. We also had the opportunity to talk to a number of administrators from around the NAD at both the conference and union levels. The sentiment was unanimous that we want to give pastors the power to use eAdventist Membership as a Church Management tool. To achieve this we are making a change so that pastor’s can enter information in eAdventist. This will be just the basic information, all statistics and transfers still need to be entered by the clerk, but it will increase the value to everyone as the data becomes more complete and accurate and churches are able to use eAdventist for more of their church needs.

God bless,

eAdventist Team

Attendance in eAdventist

You can now record attendance for your Church Service(s), Sabbath School and any other regularly occurring meeting such as vespers, prayer meetings etc, right in eAdventist!

UPDATE: Attendance has been added to the Pastor and Church Secretary roles in eAdventist.

Here’s how:

Set up Meetings (Note: “Weekly Church Service” and “Weekly Sabbath School” meetings have already been created for most churches to help get you started)

Attendance-Meetings links

1. Click the “Attendance” option under the Organizations heading on the menu

2. Click the “Meetings” link to view the list of meetings

create meeting

3. Click the “Add a meeting” button

4. Select the meeting type (Church Service, Sabbath School, Other). This allows you to enter each church services or Sabbath School class individually, but then summarize them all together as one number for each type in the report to the conference (coming soon!).

5. Enter the meeting description (Divine Worship, Early Service, 11am Service, SS – Earliteen, SS – Cradle Roll, SS – Balcony, Vespers etc)

6. Select the organization, for most users this will be your church

7. Click “Save”

When finished setting up each of the meetings you wish to track, click “Attendance” at the top of the Meetings page or in the menu on the left to go back to the Attendance page.

Record Attendance

create attendance

1. Click the “Add attendance” button

2. Select the meeting you are recording attendance for

3. Enter the date the meeting occurred on

4. Enter the head count for the meeting

5. OPTIONAL: Enter the internet count for the meeting (those watching the sermon online etc)

6. Click “Save”

Attendance Report

attendance report

First, notice that the quarter and year have automatically been assigned to each attendance entry based on the date of the meeting. It has also suggested that we add the Sabbath number for each attendance entry, which is something we’ll look into doing.

To view your attendance on a graph click the “Attendance Report” link on the Attendance screen.

attendance report 2

Select the meetings you wish to appear on the graph, enter the start and stop dates (if desired) and click “Show” to view the graph. In this scenario we’re comparing the Early Service with the Late Service for June. Looks like more people are getting up early!

Our hope is that this will be a useful tool for the local church and not just an easier way of reporting to the conference. We’ve had several pastors tell us, “Who wouldn’t want to know what’s happening in their church every week?” The goal of this attendance feature is to make it easy it easy for the church to track these numbers and view them in a meaningful way on a graph.

God bless,

eAdventist Team

Photo Directories

Directory Sample

Use eAdventist to print the photo directory pages for your church directory. All you need to do is upload the photos for each family, fill in the captions, and print! Here is how:

Upload Family Photos

Add Photo

On the Family Unit section of the Person page you can:

  1. Preview the family photo if one exists.
  2. Add, change or delete a family photo.
  3. View the photo caption. Click “Edit this person” to edit the photo caption.

Photo Directory Report

Reports Menu

Photo Directory PAge

To open the Photo Directory report:

  1. Click the Photo Directory link on the Reports menu.
  2. Select the desired organization to print. For most users you will only see your church in the list.
  3. Select the starting page number for the report. The photos will generally just be one section somewhere in the middle of your directory.
  4. Click View Report to download the PDF report.

Printing Your Directory

The photo directory feature is designed to work along with the existing Church Directory report, which prints just the names, address and phone number of each family. We suggest using Adobe Acrobat to make any last minute edits to the PDF as well as insert blank pages for proper printing. You can then use Adobe Acrobat or the free Adobe Reader to print in “booklet” format so the pages come out in the proper order to be saddle stitched.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact if you have further questions.