Transfers – more power!

Ever have to enter a bunch of transfers involving the same family or church? You are going to like the new “Repeat” button.

Enter the first transfer request as usual. When you click “Request transfer” (or “Request transfer to Offsystem”) to enter the next request,  eAdventist will “remember” the churches and last name from your last request. Click the “Repeat” button to instantly select them again.

You’re welcome.

In case you’re wondering, eAdventist “remembers” your last transfer request by storing this information in a “cookie” — a small file on your computer that is deleted when you close your browser.

Cell phones made easier

A growing number of members are giving up their land lines and using cell phones exclusively. The “Member List” reports (by church and by conference) and the “Directory Download” were built around phone numbers shared by families and didn’t work well for families relying on cell phones.

These features will now provide the person’s mobile phone number if the family phone value is absent. Any mobile numbers will be easy to recognize since they will have “cell” appended to them.

If you have been using a “band-aid” solution like entering cell phone numbers as family phone numbers — like “360-123-4567 (cell)” — you can now clear them and the “mobile phone” number will show.

“Declined” & “Denied” explained

We recently included “Denied”, “Declined” and “Withdrawn” transfers on the Transfers report that clerks print for churches that do not use eAdventist. Apparently the terms “Denied” and “Declined” aren’t widely used because many clerks are wondering what they mean.

“Withdrawn” is used when there is an error in the request — wrong church, wrong name — or the situation has changed — member has already transferred out, member decided not to transfer. Only the requesting church can “withdraw” the request.

However, “Denied” indicates that is no error on the request but the church deems the member not to be “in good and regular standing” — in other words, “Not recommended” for transfer.

Likewise, “Declined” indicates that “Grant” (or “Recommendation”) was received but the requesting church now deems the member not to be “in good and regular standing” — in other words, “Recommendation not accepted”.

In a nutshell, “Withdrawn” is the general-purpose way to abort any transfer request. “Denied” and “Declined” are used to convey that the member is being held accountable for his/her actions — exactly what the transfer process was designed to do.