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Transfers – more power!

Ever have to enter a bunch of transfers involving the same family or church? You are going to like the new “Repeat” button.

Enter the first transfer request as usual. When you click “Request transfer” (or “Request transfer to Offsystem”) to enter the next request,  eAdventist will “remember” the churches and last name from your last request. Click the “Repeat” button to instantly select them again.

You’re welcome.

In case you’re wondering, eAdventist “remembers” your last transfer request by storing this information in a “cookie” — a small file on your computer that is deleted when you close your browser.

2 comments on “Transfers – more power!

  1. Susan Hess, Florida Conference

    This is an incredible feature! Thank you! As a Conference clerk, I can tell you that this feature will be invaluable as Mission Groups become Companies and we need to transfer all of the individuals from the Parent Church into the Company.

  2. Maritza Angulo

    Totally agree with previous comment… great feature!

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