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QuickInfo for Officers

We just added “Tooltips for Officers” yesterday and the response has been great. However, several clerks asked if it could include the officer’s phone and email, too. Great idea! The extra information was getting unwieldy for a Tooltip and making the page load slower, so it has been changed it to an “Info” icon that opens an alert window — easier to read and faster page loads.

So the Tooltips have become “QuickInfo for Officers”. As always, thank you for your ideas and feedback.


10 comments on “QuickInfo for Officers

  1. Caesar N

    Within minutes of receiving the tooltip information, I opened eAdventist and was able to find address errors for members who had been in the church for a long time. Sure is a useful tool that makes work fast.

    Thank you.


  2. many members don’t use a land line any more, only cell phones

    • Good point, Connie. The QuickInfo window now shows both “Family” and “Mobile” phone numbers.

  3. eAdventist crew.. you keep “spoiling” us clerks more & more with great & very helpful features 🙂
    This is extremely helpful for me & VERY time saving. I don’t have to open the officer’s record to check his/her info! Yaaaay… THANK YOUUUU.
    Ontario Conference

  4. Brian! Thank you soooo much for adding this feature. This will certainly save me a lot of time when I am processing church officers for our directory.

  5. Where do I go to enter new members?

    • Betty

      If the new member is joining by Baptism or Profession of Faith, you will usually click on “new family” (under the People tab). If you are adding them to a family that already exists in your records, you can save time by looking up the existing family member and clicking the “New Person” button. Either way, the person will now be a “nonmember” and you can click the “Change Status/Rebaptize” button to enter their Baptism or Prof of Faith.

      If the member is joining your church by transfer, you usually don’t need to enter them at all. Use the Transfers features to receive their information from the other church. The “User Guide” (under the Support tab) is a good way to get acquainted with this process.


  6. Novelette Lawson

    Brian I want to thank you for all your information, as you are a good source

  7. Sallye Whitsitt

    Brian, I have a name for a member that was sent from another church under her maiden name. She was actually transferred and accepted under her married name. She is listed correctly in the membership list but shows as an outstanding transfer under her maiden name. I just need to get rid of the maiden name transfer that is pending. Actually, that person no longer exists. I have put a withdraw on the transfer but will that show to the requesting church and they won’t be able to complete their part. Thanks

    • Sallye, eAdventist only allows the requester to withdraw the request to avoid what you are describing — the other church wondering where it went. If you are not the requester, just email the requester and let them know that they can withdraw the request.

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