Email Addresses – Some Examples

Are there officers in your church or conference that use a “work” or “officer” email address as well as their “personal” or “home” email address? eAdventist provides a simple but powerful way to track both addresses and always know that you’re using the right one.

Pastor with a Work Email Address

A typical example is a Pastor Fred who uses “pastorfred@meadowglade.org” for work mail and “fred@bedrock.com” for personal mail. Enter the personal/home email address on the Person page. This address will be used by Person Labels and Mailing List that are for members (“by organization”).


Then enter the work address in the “Other” field on the Officer page. This address will be used by Officer Labels and Mailing Lists that are for officers (“by office”).


Both email addresses are now displayed on the Person page.


Treasurer with an Officer Email Address

This also works well for a church treasurer who uses an email address like “treasurer@firstchurch.org” that is provided by the conference or church. Enter her personal email (“maria@gmail.com”) on her Person page, then enter the officer email (“treasurer@firstchurch.org”) on the Officer page as “Other”.

Member with Several Personal Email Addresses

Occasionally, you may have a member that wants to provide more than one personal email address. You can enter them in the “Email” field on the Person page, separated by semi-colons. All of the addresses will be used for reports, like the Church Directory or Member List. However, eAdventist will only use the first address for Person Labels and Mailing Lists.

The combination of “personal” and “officer” email addresses in eAdventist provide a simple but powerful way to handle multiple email addresses for a member.

6 comments on “Email Addresses – Some Examples

  1. Dolores Kinsey

    Good idea!

    Still wish we could get the “Legal Name” and “First Name” clarified. To have a first name only or a nickname listed in the directory, it appears that one must use the First Name field and leave the Middle Name field blank. This is not too clear at first glance.

    To preserve a person’s full name, one must enter both the first name and the second name in the same field, under Legal Name. Does one also need to enter the last name in that Legal Name field name?

    • Glad you asked. Use the “First name” for whatever you want to see in the directory, reports or labels. Only use “Legal name” when it’s different than the “First name”.

      For example, our GC President’s name is Ted Wilson, so you’d just enter “Ted” as the First name. On the other hand, Teddy Roosevelt’s name was actually “Theodore”. You would enter “Teddy” as the First name and “Theodore” as the Legal name.

      There’s no “magic” to the Middle name – you can include it or leave it blank. Use the “Last name” field for the last name – don’t include it in the “Legal name” field.

  2. Dolores Kinsey

    That’s pretty clear. Thanks.

  3. Jorgina da Silva

    This is really good!

  4. Jorgina da Silva

    I’m glad to learn a lot from this program.

  5. Dolores Kinsey

    Brian, I think it would be more clear if the “First Name” field could be labelled “Nick Name” since that is actually its function. It doesn’t seem to have any function other than to be used in things like the church directory.

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