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Look what else you got!

We added a bunch of new things to eAdventist in December but wanted to keep them wrapped until we were sure they were “keepers”. They all are, so you can go ahead and open them now!

1. Duplicate alert

You’ve always had the Duplicate Search, but now eAdventist checks for other families with the same address every time you open a Person’s record. Any duplicates are displayed as an alert, so you can decide whether they need fixing or not.


2. Grab a nonmember

eAdventist has made transfers so easy that it feels inconvenient having to ask other clerks for nonmember children to be moved. Now you’ll see a “grab” icon that lets you move them yourself. Easy peasy!


3. Transfers – icons & help

The Transfers page packs a lot of information, so we’ve introduced some new icons.


When you hover over an icon, your cursor will change to a “?”. That means you can click on the icon for help.


4. Email address warning

If eAdventist sends an email message to you that “bounces”, it won’t send any further messages until the problem is fixed. If this happens to your account, eAdventist will show a warning when you sign in.


To see the error message, click on “more information”.


5. Multi-select for Occupations

Need to let your medical professionals know about a mission trip? Or let your construction pros know about a service opportunity? The “Occupation” field in Person Labels now lets you select multiple occupations. It also searches the list as you type.


6. Include images in Mailing List messages

Add photos, graphs or banners to the messages you send with Mailing Lists. An article with more information on this coming soon.

7. Hi-res photos for Organizations

When you add a photo of your church or school, eAdventist now saves it in 2 sizes – “original” (up to 1024×768) and “thumbnail” (160×120).

8. Community forum

Ever wanted to ask other clerks or pastors a question? Or share a great idea with them? Now you can in the new Community forum – It’s connected to your eAdventist account, so you use the same email and password to sign in. You can download the Discourse app from the App Store or Google Play Store to access the Community from your phone or tablet. More information about the Community coming soon.


Happy New Year from our team!

17 comments on “Look what else you got!

  1. Lori-Anne

    Thank you for sharing those updates Brian … they look great!

  2. Heuifanga Finau

    Thank you Brian for the updates…have a great year!

  3. Rita Smith

    You folks are just the BEST!!! I love the icons in the TRANSFERS section as well as the GRAB feature there for non-members of families that transfer. What a great way to streamline our work! Thanks for all you folks do!

  4. Sheri Denny

    Your team is AWESOME!! Appreciate you so much. 🙂

  5. Kristine Schauff

    Love the updates!! Thanks!!

  6. Wade Michael Williams

    What is the status of an eAdventist mobile version or an app? As of now, it is not very phone friendly.

  7. Thank you so much for the updates, make our task much easier! Blessings.

  8. Yvonne Charpentier

    Love the updates. Made things easier.

  9. Denise Hollenbach

    Thank you so much, Brian.

  10. Elizabeth Banks-Brown

    Greeting. My problem is when a member is transferred and they had a non member status, its not easy to update. You have two choices baptism or profession of faith in the drop down. Transfer should be added as well. It will make life so much easier. Can that we done? Thank you.

    Elizabeth Banks-Brown
    Glendale SDA Church
    Administrative Assistant/Clerk

    • Good question. A “transfer” moves a person’s membership to another church, so they need to already be a member before a transfer can take place. “Baptism” and “Profession of Faith” are the 2 ways that you become a member. Does that make sense?

  11. Hello Brian. I’m working on the Contacts link and under the Type of contact, could you add Non-attending Member? This would help in reclamation work.

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