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Reclaimed: Welcome Back (Updated)

NOTE: In April 2017, we added a new “Reclaimed” option to eAdventist, as requested by @GCArchives. However, the NAD Secretaries Council discovered that “Reclaimed” would not be counted as membership increase, so this process has been updated to ensure that your membership is reflected accurately.

tl;dr – The only change is that you add these members by “Baptism” instead of “Reclaimed”. eAdventist can still identify these members because of the “Start Reclaim” entry.

Below is the updated version of the article we published in April.

It’s a great day when a former member decides to rejoin the church family. When someone who has been “Removed” from membership decides to rejoin, click the “Change Status” button and choose “Start Reclaim”.


The person’s “Status” will be changed to “Nonmember”. If the person is rejoining a different church, you can the use “Change” button (next to the Church) to move them to the appropriate church.


The History and Statistics screens will now show this initial change.


Next, click the “Change Status” button and choose “Baptism”.



This will change the person’s “Status” to “Member” and will indicate that they rejoined “by Baptism”.



Both the History and Statistics screens will now show these 2 steps. Any “Reclaimed” entered between April and December of 2017 will look like the entries circled in red.



Naturally, eAdventist allows you to undo “Start Reclaim” and “Baptism” statistics in case you ever need to correct a mistaken entry.

The “Reclaimed” column that was added to eAdventist’s statistical reports has been taken out. Any “Reclaimed” entered between April and December of 2017 will be counted in the “Baptism” column.

Let us know if you have any other questions about these changes. You can find more information about “Reclaiming” in this knowledge base article.


3 comments on “Reclaimed: Welcome Back (Updated)

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  2. Merdell Richards

    The member will not be identified as baptized, but reclaimed.

    • That was correct (in early 2015), but we’ve been asked to return to recording them as “baptism”. However, the process includes the “Start reclaim” step that lets you identify which baptisms were “reclaims”. Does that make sense?

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