We’re on YouTube (finally)

A lot of people have asked if there are any videos for learning eAdventist. One resourceful conference created a set of 6 several years ago, but eAdventist has changed a lot since then. Our team has wanted to help fill this need for quite a while, to supplement the vast array of articles in eAdventist’s knowledge base. Everything finally came together and our first eAdventist video is available on our shiny, new “eAdventist” YouTube channel.

The “Finding Duplicates” video is mainly for conference clerks, since the Duplicate Search feature isn’t included in “Church Clerk” or “Pastor” roles – it has limited value for a single church. Not to worry, though. You’re welcome to watch it, if you want, and we’ll be adding other videos for Church Clerks and Pastors soon. The description of each video will let you know which group/s it’s intended for.

If you’re a visual learner, or just like watching YouTube, the eAdventist channel is finally here. Grab some popcorn.

3 comments on “We’re on YouTube (finally)

  1. Barbara Thomas

    Good afternoon Candice Daniels is fourth street friendship church clerk

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    • Candice is listed as the clerk in eAdventist. You’re getting emails from this blog because you followed it. You can unfollow at any time, if you don’t want to get any more emails.

  2. Judith Nickol

    Thank you!

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