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Email Lists 2.0

We’ve just made some big updates to Email Lists!

New name

They’ve been “Mailing Lists” until now because they included an option to create postal labels for people without email addresses. However, everybody has switched to a better option that’s available in Person Labels, so we removed the “postal” option and updated the name. Not only does this make Email Lists easier to use, it also makes them significantly faster!



Visitors and members of other churches can now join your list when you add them as Followers. Later this year, we’ll add an option that will allow them to add themselves from your church’s web page.


More file options

You’ve been able to send a variety of file types as attachments in messages but mail provides – like Gmail – block many of them as security risks. To ensure that your messages and files reach your audience, we now save the files on eAdventist and insert links to them in your message. Now you can send file types that are often blocked (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint), knowing that all of your audience will receive them.

Updated editor & layout

The updated toolbar makes it easier to personalize your messages. Click the new “Merge fields” button to insert a placeholder for “First name” or “Last  name”. The layout and fonts have been updated to ensure that your messages look their best in any mail software and any device.

Add photos and images to your message and resize them, if necessary. To ensure that your message is not blocked, each image file is stored on eAdventist and your message contains a link to it.


Here are some articles to help you get started:

Starting an Email List

Creating a Message

4 comments on “Email Lists 2.0

  1. This is good ! It’s more easy and faster.

  2. This is good. Is there a plan to develop a templates tool similar to MailChimp and other email providers? Also, when we subscribe someone to a list, can we now control whether or not they get an invitation email, or can we check a box that says they allowed us to add them to the list? I feel like this is important because some people fill out a connect card and ask to be on the email list, but then later, when we add them to the list in our database and they get a random email from eAdventist, they’ll be like, “what’s this?” And unsubscribe without fully understanding that they had asked to be on the list. It’s important for the church to be able to create the messaging, and determine the if and when of automatic emails.

    • Yes, we’ve added a new editor that uses templates. You can start with pre-made templates or create your own custom templates. The messages you create will be “responsive” – they’ll automatically adapt to look great on phones, tablets or computer screens. And, yes, the “welcome” notifications have been removed. We’ve already talked about this by email but thought others might have the same questions as you did.

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