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Tools for Mission Groups

Tags are the solution that most conferences have used in eAdventist to keep track of members that are involved in “mission groups” – small groups, house churches or church planting core groups. Today, we’ve added some powerful new features to help you deal with the vitality and fluid nature of these groups even better.

Now you can designate a “mother church” for each mission group. The new “Mission groups” tab show all of the groups that are sponsored by the church.



ViewChurch The next step is to set the “Mission group” for each of the people who are part of the group.



Now that your “Mission groups” are set up, you will be able to use them for creating lists, mailing labels, messaging lists and more.


If you are currently using Tags for your mission groups, we can migrate them to the new “Mission group” field. Let us know if you would like our help with this.

The eAdventist team

5 comments on “Tools for Mission Groups

  1. Barbara Bowser

    Sent from my iPad


    • Hi, Barbara. Looks like you might have accidentally hit “Send” prematurely (been there, done that!). If you have a question or comment, we’d love to hear it. Thanks.

  2. Caryn Payne

    Good morning team! This looks wonderful. I have gone into the Cartersville Hispanic MG and entered Rome Hispanic as the mother church. Upon doing so this message appeared:
    Org type cannot change to “group” until members are transferred. They already have an Orgtype of group listed.

    • Caryn, I don’t see “Cartersville Hispanic MG” in eAdventist. Is it possibly entered under a different/alternate name?

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