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Voting Transfers

Our church clerks in North America handled over 31,000 membership transfers in 2018, as members joined new church families. eAdventist takes most of the “paper and postage” out of this process by creating an online clerk community but the vital “people” components still take plenty of time and energy.

If you’re a church clerk, you are (or soon will be) very familiar with the 3 steps your church follows to “vote” on a transfer request:

  1. Church board – recommends that the transfer be granted or accepted
  2. 1st reading – printed in the church bulletin and read aloud
  3. 2nd reading – printed in the church bulletin, read aloud & voted (following week)

We’ve just added the new Transfers to Vote report that will make your preparation for Step 1 much easier – print it before each church board meeting. Here’s a sample:



Take each item in one’s hand and ask: “Does this spark joy?” – Marie Kondo

We also decluttered the Transfers screen to make room for this new button – Marie Kondo would be so proud. The old “Print Pending” button that conference clerks use for printing transfer mail has been shortened to “Print” and moved into the “Offline & International Transfers” box (top, right corner). This creates paper transfers for the churches that aren’t “online” with eAdventist.


The “Settings” link allows you to choose how many days the “Completed” and “Withdrawn” tabs should include.


Voting on a transfer still takes time – a board meeting and two Sabbaths – but we’ve taken another step to make your work between votes as fast and efficient as possible.

eAdventist team

31 comments on “Voting Transfers

  1. Michelle Ward

    Thank you!

    Michelle Ward
    Executive Administrative Assistant
    Nevada-Utah Conference
    10475 Double R Boulevard
    Reno, NV 89521
    Phone: 775-322-6929
    Direct: 775-525-2009
    Fax: 775-322-9371

    Focused on Jesus, we witness to the world!

  2. Sheila Izzard


    • Natalie Rodriguez

      How do I access this report? I can’t seem to find it.

      • Natalie, you should see the “Print Transfers to Vote” button on the Transfers page – see the screenshot in the article. Let us know if you are seeing something different.

  3. Good article

    Does anyone know if Puerto Rico is NAD or not? I understand that it is considered an international transfer by our SCC, but ‘t search on eAdventist yielded no results on whether to use NAD or non-NAD on the Organization Requests page.

    I see this sign :

    so I suppose this answers my question, but is it really not part of NAD? Seems like it should be judging by that list.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Dave Vago, Clerk
    Simi Valley Adventist Church, 1636 Sinaloa Rd. Simi Valley, CA 93065
    1-805-304-5596 Cell / Text

  4. Thank you for making transfers easier to do for all involved! Now if there was a way to make international transfers just as easy that would be wonderful!

    • You’re welcome! Actually, international transfers will probably be getting easier in the near future, too. We’ll be visiting the ACMS team in Brazil this month to talk about it.

      • Nilce Ferraz

        Did the meeting with the ACMS team Brazil happen? I’m clerk at a Brazilian SDA church and dealing with a long list of transfers. If we could make the process a little easier/faster it would help a lot.

      • Good question! Yes, we had the privilege of visiting the ACMS team in Sāo Paulo in 2019 and spent some time talking about creating a “bridge” between the 2 membership systems to facilitate international transfers. However, priorities changed for both teams in 2020 when COVID arrived. We plan to revisit this in the future but don’t have an ETA yet.

  5. Dr. James Lee

    Having a written account of the transfers to be presented at Board Meetings is very helpful and excellent for individual Board members record-keeping. Good job!

  6. Debbie Sinaga

    Thank you for always improving the e-adventist

  7. Dennis Neuharth

    How can I contact a clerk from another church? Is there a list somewhere? I need to ask him/her
    questions about the people wanting to join to our church so I can help board members know something about the people before they vote.

    • Yes, definitely. Look up any church in eAdventist, then click on the “Contacts” tab to see the name, email and phone number of the church clerk/s.

  8. Brilliant!!! As usual, you keep enhancing eAdventist more & more… I JUST love it :).
    THANK YOU is not enough :). We (the church) are SO blessed to have you guys 🙂

  9. Dennis Neuharth

    Refresh my memory on how to do a foreign transfer into our church. It doesn’t go the usual process, does it?

    • There is one small step that’s different for inbound International transfers. I’ll send you a private message with the details.

  10. Marie Redwine

    Some of my Board members did not like the printing of the individual birthdays that shows up in the list.. Has that been a problem with anyone else?

    • Nobody else has mentioned any concern yet, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a valid concern. Do they feel like it’s a privacy risk for the members?

      • Would it be possible for us to just have the month and day of birth instead?

      • Does your church have a concern about including the year? Email us directly at if you’d like to talk more about it.

      • Livny Beans

        eAdventist is meant to be a confidential environment that is why the user authorization form you sign states that you are signing to confirm that as a user you will not distribute the information contained there. If members do not want their year of birth to be displayed, maybe that can be an option to print. However, when looking for transfer names, it is impossible to know if you have the correct person if the birthdate is missing or part of it is missing. It is very helpful to have the entire birth date when making membership transfers. It would make it difficult to know if you have chosen the correct person without the entire date of birth.

    • Dennis Neuharth

      No, as long as the year of birth is noy given.

  11. Our church voted to accept a transfer into our church, but eAdventist still claims he hasn’t been voted in, yet when I check for his name, he shows up and I’ve already updated his address and phone number. Am I missing something?

  12. Our church just voted new officers for 2020. So I’m updating the list for the conference. Is it necessary for me to update the assistants’ positions as well? I have been updating heads of dept only. Thanks

    • Good question. It would be a good idea to check with your conference clerk but it would definitely be valuable to your church to have a record of all the people serving as church officers.

  13. Maria E Torres

    Thank you all for these comments and questions. As a new clerk I’m still learning. God Bless

  14. Does it require a board vote for profession of faith?

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