Data Privacy in myEADVENTIST App (UPDATED)

March 8, 2022: A new “Include in myEADVENTIST” option provides separate settings for the online directory (myEADVENTIST) and the printed directory (Church Directory).

The People section of the myEADVENTIST app provides church members with a digital church directory, so it’s important that it provides privacy options that you can apply if a member chooses not to have some of their information included in the directory. These same privacy options also apply to eAdventist’s Church Directory features for creating a printed directory.

Family options

The simplest and most commonly-used option is the “Include in myEADVENTIST” checkbox (see #5 below), which applies to all of the people in the Family. It determines whether they are included in both the online directory (myEADVENTIST app). The “Include in Church Directory” option applies only to the printed directory (Church Directory in eAdventist).

The family’s shared address and phone can also be omitted from the Church Directory using the “Confidential” and “Unlisted” checkboxes (see #3 and #4 above). This will also prevent these fields from being included in any Officer lists. The “Confidential” setting is primarily intended for situations where the member’s address needs to be protected for safety reasons.

Individual options

Each person’s email and mobile phone can be kept out of the Church Directory using the “Unlisted?” checkboxes (see #1 and #2 below). This will also prevent these fields from being included in any Officer lists.

15 comments on “Data Privacy in myEADVENTIST App (UPDATED)

  1. Susan Graf, Trout Creek

    Thanks for the info!

  2. Darden Gilbert

    Good day Brian, What does each church member do to access the digital church directory? I was confused because you referred to the app the same as I use to access eAdventist as the Church Clerk.

  3. Cheryl Patterson

    I am the Church Clerk at Sunnydale SDA Church. The above is my email address. Thanks!

  4. Kim swarts

    I am doing my best to update our Church directory using this MyEAdventist Directory option.

    The Problem is, I have some that want to be in the paper version, but NOT online.

    If I choose NOT ONLINE, then, I cannot print them in the paper version without going back and unclicking their options, This will be a lot of extra work. There are many who are not ready to be Online, they do not feel that it is SECURE.

    Will there be a time in the future where this option will be made to have 3 choices: online or Paper or NONE?

    For Now, I will have to create a Paper Directory using a separate template. Is this correct?

    • It sounds like it will take some time to win some people’s trust in myEADVENTIST’s security – which is understandable. We’ve been thinking about your earlier feed back and have an idea that might help you. I’ll send you private message and see what you think. Thanks again for your input.

      • Kim Swarts

        Dear Brian

        Kim with the Dunlap SDA in Dunlap TN

        I cannot get the name to open up on the Eadventist or the MyeAdventist, says page has been moved. Help


        Warm Regards,

        Kim Swarts Dunlap Church Clerk

        Psalm 136:1: “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever.”

      • Kim, the bug that caused this problem was fixed early yesterday. Everything is working correctly now.

  5. Spencerville Church Office

    Am I understanding correctly? Is there now an app that I can have on my phone for eAdventist?


    • Kim Swarts

      If you look at the photos provided in the article, it shows the little checkbox option for Directory and online directory (on the bottom half of the page, after you go to Edit person.

      Check the box if they want to be listed. I am so happy for the Change. Thank you Brian and your team. This is saved me a lot of time sorting this out. We have many who are not wanting to be online, but want to be in the paper directory.

  6. I have a unique request. Certain members do not want their photo online. If you could add a toggle to omit photo from online directory. These same people will remain in online directory. I want print paper directory using eadventist clerk platform and it have to delete photo after printing. Do you any other options?. I’m using word to create a 2 column 1/2 page folded directory.

    • We can definitely consider adding that as a privacy option. Are they wanting to omit both their personal photo and their family photo? are they wanting to omit the photos from only the “online” directory or the printed directory as well?

      • They want tobe in the directory. They just don’t want their photo online. They’re it in the paper copy. I’m trying to avoid having to remember who’s photo to add back in or delete

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