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myEADVENTIST – Mobile and for Members

myEADVENTIST is the brand new, mobile-friendly app for church members. It provides the people in each church family with:

  • Membership profiles of the people in their family
  • Ability to update these profiles (optional)
  • Links to church resources (web site, Facebook, AdventistGiving, streaming, etc.)
  • List of church officers, with contact info
  • Upcoming church events
  • Online church directory (optional)
  • Church/School finder (coming soon)
  • Tools for pastors and ministry leaders (coming soon)

The app is currently available as a web app that works equally well on phones, tablets and PCs (and Macs).

Getting Started

Your church can begin using myEADVENTIST with these easy steps:

  1. Enable myEADVENTIST and choose optional features
  2. Invite members (by email)
  3. Members activate their personal accounts
Example invitation

Using the App

Access the app by opening the browser on your phone, tablet or PC/Mac and going to For easier access on a phone or tablet, you can add the app to your Home Screen. This creates an icon and and allows you to use TouchID or FaceID to sign in.

For easier access on a PC/Mac, save the URL in your Favorites or on your desktop.

For Pastors

myEADVENTIST puts the power of eAdventist on your phone for easy access from anywhere. We will be adding tools that will allow pastors to:

  • Switch between their churches
  • Tap to open maps (Apple or Google) for members
  • Tap to call or text members
  • Create email or text messages for your Messaging Lists

For Church Leaders

We will also be adding tools for members who serve. Some examples already on our roadmap:

  • Deacons (attendance)
  • Elders (member care, visitation tools)
  • Communications (messaging lists)

The eAdventist team

60 comments on “myEADVENTIST – Mobile and for Members

  1. Shining Everylight

    I hope changes made by members will automatically send the change to the church clerks.

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Good point. The “Profile changes” feature shows the clerk any changes that have been made. We can look at adding notifications for the clerk, if there is a need for that.

      • Josiah Hill

        Yes, it would be great to have notifications of changes sent to both clerk and pastor.

      • Melinda Rub

        Absolutely. I’m hesitant to allow them to change as it’s hard enough to get them to tell me their addresses any way!!!!

      • Each church can decide if it wants to enable the app, and if it wants to enable members to update their own profiles. Out of curiosity, how do your pastors and elders visit members or communicate with them if you don’t have any addresses?

  2. Vera myers

    Are the church members going to be able to change any information concerning other members status
    Phone numbers etc which clerks have that responsibility now
    Are they going to be able to go into church officers or other reports that only the clerk can change presently

    • Members will only be able to update basic information – like name, address, phone, email, subscription preferences. The church clerk will still play a valuable role – adding/updating/transferring members, adding/updating officers, etc.

      • vera Myers

        So, each member can only change their own information, and not bother any other members information , correct?

      • Yes, that’s correct.

  3. Will this negate the need for a church clerk? Can they delete themselves, or information like phone numbers, or all personal information?

    • No, members will only be able to update things like name, address, phone, email, subscription preferences. This should help the church clerks, but definitely not replace their valuable role.

  4. Marjorie Olson

    Is this app for use by all the members? Not just the clerk and pastor? Marjorie Olson, former clerk Sunnydale SDA

    • Yes, myEADVENTIST is for all your members. There will also be extra features (“tools”) in myEADVENTIST that will be available only to clerks, pastors, deacons, etc.

  5. Will members be able to see Notes written about them in the Notes section?

    • No, the “Notes” are not currently included in the Profile. However, be sure NOT to include anything in Notes that you wouldn’t want the member to see.

  6. This looks like it will be a very useful app. I’m looking forward to implementing it! Thanks for what you do to make things easier for us.

  7. Judy Lauder

    I followed the instructions for my cell phone and it said, For BETA only.

    • Judy, the “For BETA only” message indicates that you haven’t enabled the app for your church and created an account for your self yet. The “Getting Started” part of this article includes links to a couple of articles that show these steps.

  8. Judy M Lauder

    Hello Brian. I have enabled the app for our church, and I already had an existing account for eadventist. I am still not sure how to obtain the app for my Samsung phone. Thanks for your help.

    • Your personal myEADVENTIST account will be separate from your main eAdventist account, so be sure to click the “Invite” button on your member record. The open the browser on your phone and go to Once you’ve opened the web app, you can add the app to your home screen. This will make it as convenient as a native Android app.

      • Judy M Lauder

        Hello Brian.
        I have found myEDVENTIST by doing a search, however there is no option on this website to set up an account. The list of options on the left had side includes “for members only” I am looking on how to become a member. I have also looks on the eadventist website, but I couldn’t find an myEDAVENTIST link .
        Thanks Judy

  9. Will there be privacy issues such as seeing children of other members and their ages and address? Phone numbers of teens? What is the purpose/ goal of the app?

    • Good questions. The “People” part of the app (the online church directory) doesn’t include ages or birth dates – for adults or children. The family’s address is displayed, like it would be in a printed church directory. If that is a “privacy issue” for your members, you have several options – set the family’s address “confidential”, uncheck the “Include in directory” setting for the Family, turn off the “Church directory” option for your church.

      You can use the “unlisted” option to exclude a teen’s mobile phone or email.

      The goal of the myEADVENTIST app is to connect your members with easy access to information about church life (e.g. upcoming events, resources, contact info for leaders) and tools for participating in ministries (e.g. messaging, connect groups, maps, attendance).

      • Melinda Rub

        This is not appropriate for my church. We do NOT give addresses out. We have people who DO NOT want this information given. I won’t be activating it. I can still continue using the other application, right?

      • There are a couple of solutions for people who don’t want their addresses given out. The first is to uncheck the “Include in directory” option for their family. The other is to mark their address as “confidential” – to ensure that it isn’t ever included in any list or labels that will be distributed. We’ll also be adding an option to include/exclude address in myEADVENTIST.

        Yes, you can definitely continue using eAdventist whether your church uses the myEADVENTIST app or not.

  10. Kim Swarts

    Is there a charge for the App for either the church or the church member who downloads the app tp their phone, computer?

    • Great question! Both eAdventist and the myEADVENTIST app are completely free for all of the churches and members in the North American Division.

  11. Allen Weber

    I activated my.eAdventist and invited myself. I have both the Directory and profile updates allowed. I have used it on my Android phone and on my laptop. I have two problems so far: 1) the search box at the top of the PEOPLE tab does not work. 2) the mask on the primary email field in the PROFILE section seems to only allow 20 characters…seems awfully short, and I know the email field in the actual eAdventist people tab is much less restrictive. My email is 21 characters.

    • There was a bug affecting the search in the PEOPLE tab – this has been fixed. And the Email field in the PROFILE is supposed to display 20 characters, but should allow values up to 60 characters – this has been fixed, too. Thank you for letting us know about these 2 problems.

  12. Kim Swarts

    I have my personal Membership with My Eadventist and then my Membership ogin as the church clerk. using the same email address. it is constantly rejecting the signing and I have to create a new password. It recognizea the stored password and overlaps the other. I do not have another email to use, the other is used for my husband since we need separate email addresses to access the app for the individual profile settings what do I do?

    • Good question. You can use the same email address for both accounts. I’ll contact you directly to see if we can help you sort this out.

      • Cindy Schultz

        I’m having this same issue. What was the solution? I’d like my admin account and my member account to have the same login. Is that not possible?

      • You definitely can choose the same password for your admin account (on eAdventist) account and your member account (on myEADVENTIST). You can contact us directly at if you have any other questions about this.

  13. Hi Brian!
    Is there anything like this available to SDA schools? We would love to have an app for our directory here at Rivergate.

    • Not that we’re aware of, but I’ll forward your request to Martha Ban. She’s the Technology Director for NAD Education and she’ll have the best answer for you.

    • I was previously Admin and Bookkeeper of a private Adventist School We used RenWeb, and it was great for staff and families. There is a small fee, but so worth it. Principal can have staff email and text the families and the staff can look up students, parents when they need to know who to call in an emergency, sure beat carrying the big binders around. check out Renweb RenWeb is a fully integrated web-based school information system, and RenWeb can be accessed 24/7, from work, home, school or on the road. Parents and students will utilize a component of RenWeb which is called ParentsWeb. The ParentsWeb component of RenWeb provides parents and students password-secure access to BLS student information such as:

      Daily Grades
      Progress Reports
      Report Cards
      Lesson Plans
      Missing Assignments
      Staff & School Directory
      Teacher Email Addresses
      Teacher Websites
      Customized Web Surveys & Tests

  14. I have been the church clerk from 1972 to present on and off. So I have seen many changes. My question is when an individual makes a change to their profile, will that change or update also happen in the conference information we clerks enter If not, how can we keep abreast of these changes? Thank you Brian

    • Since 1972 – that’s dedication! Good question. When a member updates their “profile”, they are updating the same information that the church clerk and conference clerk can update. The only difference is that the History shows that the member made the change. There is a Profile Changes report that shows you all of the changes they’ve made.

    • Will clerks see the changes: An earlier question on this topic was answered “Members will only be able to update basic information – like name, address, phone, email, subscription preferences. The church clerk will still play a valuable role – adding/updating/transferring members, adding/updating officers, etc.” Each member signs into their own account and can only change their info. The Clerk will see and use that info to update the Clerk/.church records. The Clerk will be notified of any changes.

      I am relatively new to My-E Adventist, we have not fully implemented it as we want everyone to be aware and approve to their info being on the app before launching. Some people are uncomfortable. The way I see it, it is MORE secure than having a paper copy floating around. There is NO WAY to send a list through the app. They can only see one entry (Person at a time) If a member leaves or decides they don’t want to be listed, the CLERK just clicks a box to have the info hidden or they can remove access to the member if they leave the church.

  15. If I understand this correctly, this will allow all members to update their profiles (photo, email, mailing address, etc.) but not necessarily remove their church membership, right?

    I have several questions:
    1) No one will be able to create an account, unless we invite them first, right?
    2) Will they be able to request their membership be transferred to another church, or be accepted from another church?
    3) Will there be a process by which the clerk or pastor must “approve” the changes or are they just made immediately?
    4) Do you have any plans to either integrate “verified volunteer” status or maybe add a label with an expiration date. You know, so we can keep track of who still needs to complete it?
    5) I noticed on the picture is has the ability to add events like church service, so, will we be able to add the Sabbath programming bulletin for Sabbath service? We are currently looking for a way to make it online.

    Thank you for all your hard work! The changes look great!

    • Great questions. You’re correct – the app can allow members to update their own name, photo, email, address, etc. (if your church enables updating). It does not allow them to make membership changes.

      Q1. Correct
      Q2. Not yet, but likely in the near future
      Q3. The changes are made immediately
      Q4. We have attempted to contact Verified Volunteers to explore this possibility. They have not answered.
      Q5. We are planning to add a calendar feed to Events so that you can publish them elsewhere (web site) or add it to your personal calendar.

      • Kim Swarts

        also, I do not believe the member can update their profile photo, the clerk must do that.

      • No, if you allow members to update their own profiles, they can also update their Personal and Family photos.

      • Kim Swarts

        Brian, please share with me where do I choose to allow members to update their own profile pictures?. I have not seen that I tried on my own MeEAdventist account,

      • This article from our Help Center shows the app settings that are available for each church –

      • Kim Swarts

        I found under ADMIN then choose CHURCHES then Under Eadventist check both Directory and Profile Update Brian Thanks for letting me know. I am not sure if that was always there, I never noticed it until today. Yah! They can add their ownphotos. It has been hard to get their profile photos.

  16. App looks good and definitely fills a need. The only problem for our many Adventists churches which are a part of a district, no ability to set it up to allow members district wide access. Any plans to address this? If not, it’s only a partial solution, leaving me still looking.

    • There definitely are many churches in multi-church districts, but you are the first to ask about sharing directory information between them in the app. Can you tell me a little more about what you do now? Do you currently share this information in a single printed directory for all of your district churches? I see that you’ve test-driven the app. There are many parts that are church-specific (e.g. AdventistGiving link, events calendar, etc.) and will soon be more (e.g. attendance, messaging). Which parts would you like to see have multi-church access?

  17. This app sounds like a very useful tool. Will a member be able to split from their family profile to create their own? example: an adult child gets married and moves out of the family home.

    • Good question. No, the member will be able to update the basic profile information for themselves, their spouse and family members. However, changes to the family structure will still need to be made by the clerks.

  18. So we do not have the ability to create group chats at this current moment is that correct?

  19. Can the address also be selected as confidential if they are officers? Or just the members who are not officers?

    • Good question. The “confidential” setting prevents an address from printing in Person Labels or the Church Directory. However, it doesn’t prevent the address from printing in Officer Labels or an Officer list. Instead, you just change the officer’s “address” preference from “home” to “organization” – the church address will be used.

  20. Hi Bryan, If a Family only has 1 email address, how do you make it possible for both the husband and wife to have access to the My Eadventist. I tried to invite to both, it shows they were already invited. p, the photo assoicatied with their profile will only be for one person?

    • Like most sites and apps, myEADVENTIST identifies people by their email address – so there can only be one member attached to it. They can both use the same account to sign into myEADVENTIST, if they want. However, only one can be signed in at a time. However, it’s very easy and cheap to create a second email address and have it automatically forward to their family email so that they can each have their own myEADVENTIST account.

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