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2-Step Verification (UPDATED)

March 17, 2022: eAdventist will “remember” your verification for 7 days, rather than asking you to enter the SMS code each time you sign in. You’re welcome!

Add a vital layer of security to your eAdventist account by enabling 2-Step Verification. This helps to keep out anyone who shouldn’t have access to your account by requiring a second step after you enter your password.

Adding it to your eAdventist account

To enable 2-Step Verification on your eAdventist account, click on the “my account” menu item (under the Home section). The click the “change” link for “2-Step Verification”.

You’ll be asked to enter your password to authorize the change, then eAdventist will ask for your “mobile phone”.

Once you enter your mobile phone number, eAdventist will text you a verification code (via SMS text) that you’ll enter to complete the setup process.

Signing into eAdventist

Once this extra protection is enabled, you’ll sign into eAdventist with your email and password, as usual. Then eAdventist will send you a code (via SMS text) that you will enter in the “SMS code” field to verify and complete your sign-in.

TIP: Remember to have your mobile phone handy whenever you need to sign into eAdventist.

5 comments on “2-Step Verification (UPDATED)

  1. Does this work for more than one person who has access to eAdventist using their church’s clerk email to log in

    • For security, you should each have your own eAdventist account. Your conference clerk will be happy to create any additional accounts that you need.

  2. Great work eAdventist team! This is exactly the right approach to securing the Church’s sensitive information! Thank you!

  3. Cynthia Simpson

    Please remove my email address from your system. I am no longer the clerk at the Bethel SDA Church.

    Thank you

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