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Tech for Churches

eAdventist is much more than a membership tool for church clerks. It’s also a power Church Management tool for pastors and congregations. Here’s a quick look 2 of the most popular and powerful features for churches – Messaging Lists (email & text messaging) and the myEADVENTIST mobile app for members.

Here’s more information about each of the features:

2 comments on “Tech for Churches

  1. Kim Swarts

    Will you be making it possible to reply to a reply without replying to the whole group..

    Thank you

    • Yes, we will be adding the ability to send/reply to a single person. However, you’ll need to use eAdventist or the myEADVENTIST app to do it. SMS is a very basic protocol and doesn’t provide a reliable way for you to do this with just the regular Messaging app on your phone. Hoping to have this available early in the new year.

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