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Tech for Churches

eAdventist is much more than a membership tool for church clerks. It’s also a power Church Management tool for pastors and congregations. Here’s a quick look 2 of the most popular and powerful features for churches – Messaging Lists (email & text messaging) and the myEADVENTIST mobile app for members.

Here’s more information about each of the features:

9 comments on “Tech for Churches

  1. Kim Swarts

    Will you be making it possible to reply to a reply without replying to the whole group..

    Thank you

    • Yes, we will be adding the ability to send/reply to a single person. However, you’ll need to use eAdventist or the myEADVENTIST app to do it. SMS is a very basic protocol and doesn’t provide a reliable way for you to do this with just the regular Messaging app on your phone. Hoping to have this available early in the new year.

  2. Dante Richardson

    Hi Mr Brian
    When the text is sent to a group specified tag. Even if they answer in their native phone app, aren’t the replies only visible to the group originally tag?
    I am asking because if I tag board members to send a message, I would not want their replies to be visible to possibly the whole church.

  3. I noticed on the My EAdventist app, when I logged in as myself I could still see demographic information on members of the church committee even though that information is flagged confidential, not listed. Is this because I am the church clerk? We definitely want to use the app but still respect the privacy of those who wish not to share that information.

    • Good question. I’ll email you to find out exactly what you’re seeing and let you know which privacy settings to use.

      • I signed into my husbnad MyEadventist then, i could see what shows up for the regualr member, it looks to me to be the same for anyone, When I sign in for me (I use a personal Email for my personal account. Church Clerk email is separate, She might try that.

      • myEADVENTIST will look the same for both of you, because you’re both members. In the next few months we’ll be adding “tools” for pastors, clerks, deacons, etc. You’ll be able to link your myEADVENTIST account to your eAdventist account and see extra stuff for clerks then.

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