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Just Send Me A Text

The need for churches to stay in touch has become even more important as they have been closed for “social distancing”. Fortunately, we were already working on SMS messaging (aka text messaging) for Messaging Lists in eAdventist and made this new feature available to churches last week.

If your church hasn’t already created a Messaging List, you’ll need to do that first. Then contact us at to request an SMS number. Each list uses a separate SMS number so that:

  • members always receive your messages from the same recognizable number
  • when a member replies, eAdventist will forward it to your phone
  • when you send a message to the number, eAdventist will send your message to the list
  • if a member replies “STOP”, they only unsubscribe from one list

Each SMS line actually costs $1/month and each message costs $0.0075/recipient. However, eAdventist will purchase the number and cover this cost for your church.

Let us know if you’d like to explore starting a Messaging List or adding an SMS number to an existing one.

The eAdventist team

62 comments on “Just Send Me A Text

  1. I was the church clerk in the past and our current church clerk has resigned and I have accepted the position again. How do I get signed back up to Eadventist? Arlene Castaneda

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10

    • Welcome back to the clerk community! Let your conference clerk know and she’ll be able to help you re-activate your eAdventist account.

  2. Frank Sierra


    Just a small issue that needs fixed. When you go though your list of names to add as subscribers when you go to the second page after 50 count and try to click on a name it will take you back to the 1st page. To go around this issue I had to click on the 100 entries option per page.


    Pastor Frank Sierra 4234329281


    • Thank you! This has been fixed and the Subscribers grid will “remember” where it was when you go back to it.

  3. Frank Sierra

    I like to request a SMS number for 3 groups I created

    1. Cartersville Friends and Family 2. Cartersville Church Members Only 3. Church Board Members

    Thanks for this service! Looking forward to using this and see how it goes.


    Frank Sierra Cartersville SDA Church


  4. Seventh-day Adventist Church

    This sounds interesting and useful.  Do I understand correctly that there would be not cost to the church? Marilee Ager, secretary Seventh-day Adventist Church1735 Main StreetKlamath Falls OR 97601541-882-2466 In Service For HIM.

  5. What is the value of this list over having a group messaging list on a personal phone? Is there a way to work with this if you don’t have cell phone reception in the area?

    • Good questions! Group messaging on your phone works well as long as the group is fairly small and doesn’t change much. When someone wants to join, leave or change their number, you have to create a brand new group. If you want to text part of the group, you have to start a new group. If someone wants to use the group for ranting, advertising or bullying, they have everybody’s numbers. A Messaging List solves all of these challenges.

      These are SMS messages, so you need cell service or a WiFi connection to send or receive.

  6. David Long

    To clarify, when using the “Messaging List” through eAdventist, the members of that list will NOT see each other’s numbers? This is the main complaint that our texting members have. Also, our expectation is that these texts are informational only, we do not expect a reply; as multiple replies can fill files and no one want their phone to chime dozen of times as people feel they need to reply. Are these “do not reply” texts or will we need to educate our users? As we edit / manage our messaging list, will we need a new SMS number with each change?

    Thank you for your help,
    David Long,
    Lakeport Community SDA Church

    • Good questions! Each member receives the message from the list’s SMS number – they don’t see any other numbers. Currently,, eAdventist forwards any replies to the List Admin(s). However, we could make that optional, if “no reply” is preferred. Each list (e.g. entire church, elders, board) uses a separate number, but you’ll keep the number as long as you keep the list. Adding/removing people doesn’t affect your number.

  7. Vera Myers

    Hi Brian! This is vera myers clerk of three angels message sda church in danville va, what do i do to get in to put information to be able to utilize the Messaging List feature? Thanks

  8. Hi Brian! This is the Pastor od the Hinsdale SDA Church in Illinois, I had a question. How do I get in to put information on how to access the Messaging List feature? And how do I get the SMS number? Thanks

    • Hi, Edye. I’ll send you a private email with the details of how to start a Messaging List and use it for text messaging.

  9. Hi Brian, I’m interested in creating a messaging list so I can utilize this service for my church. I would like to get your help, How can I get started?

  10. Krystal Maddy

    Hi Brian, I have a question about this texting feature. If someone replies to a text that was sent through the assigned sms number from eadventist, there is no way to reply to them directly, right? Say if someone asks a question, out of the blue, to the texting number. Can you reply to them alone?
    Thank you for your help!

    • Good question! The short answer is that texting a reply with your phone will send your reply to the entire list. However, we will be adding a way to reply to one person in eAdventist. That’s the long answer, so I’ll contact you directly.

      • Kim Swarts

        MyEadventust and the text option has been a great resource to our church. I look forward to the option to reply to only the person who replied….. I learned the hard way. I sent a reply to a reply and ended up with 50 people asking who is this, etc. My reply went out to the whole church not just the original list. It is best to send one announcement asking people to add the number to their contact list. No surprises.. There are limited characters to your message too. It is a great way to send a reminders or announcements to any group you choose.

  11. Carolyn E Mattson

    Hello Brian! I am the Church Clerk at the Mt. Vernon Hill Church in Ohio. We are interested in the possibility of using this for our congregation. Can you send me information regarding how to make the Messaging List and how to get started? Thank you

  12. Robyn Harris-Thornton

    Hello Brian;
    Thank you for the information, I’m Robyn Harris-Thornton the church clerk of the Clifton SDA church in Cincinnati, OH. I’d like to create 2 or 3 lists. Could you kindly provide me with the recommended instructions to get started? Based on the previous comments I’ll look for a private message from you. Thank you!

  13. Carolyn E Mattson

    Brian, please share with me information regarding how to make up lists and I might register for Just Text Me. Thank you! Carolyn mattson

  14. Yvonne Daley

    Hello Brian, I am interested in setting up Messaging Lists for my church. I also would appreciate some advise on setting up Zoom for our church service.

  15. Hello Brian, I’d like information on creating a messaging list.

  16. Priscilla Moretz

    Brian, I would like information on renaming a list I have. I also need two more SMS numbers. One for just our Church Membership and one for the Church Board. Thank you!

  17. Yes please I am interested in having three sms numbers, one for our church board another for the membership and one for membership and visitor contacts (all the names we have on file)

  18. Hello Brian,

    Please send me the information as well. Geraldine Jasckson, The Lighthouse SDA, St. Louis

    • Geraldine, just sent you an email with links to several articles showing how to create a Messaging List and use it for sending email and text messages. Check your mailbox and let me know if you have any other questions.

  19. Is there, or will there be in the future, an option to send out a recorded phone message? We still have a few members who do not text. Currently using CallMuliplier for both text and recordings, but “no cost” would be preferable!

    • This is good to know. We aren’t currently planning to add voice messaging to eAdventist, but will re-evaluate if enough churches need it.

  20. Where are instructions for creating messaging list. Thanks!

  21. Hello Brian,

    I sent an email to Help as well as we would like to use this feature. Please contact me.

    • Helen, I just sent a reply to your email with the steps for setting up Text Messaging. Let us know if you have any other questions.

  22. Carol Smith

    Hi Brian, how are you? This will be a great plan for Dayton’s Church. I would like to be able to have it available for both me and the assistant to the pastor to use; hope that will be possible. Please send the instructions for setting up Text Messaging. Question: How long will it take for the congregation to receive a message? We would like to have the capability of a response if a member questions a message we send. Carol Smith, clerk. Thank you and stay well.

    • Carol, I’ll send you a email with the information you need to set up a Messaging List. When you click “Send” on a text message, eAdventist puts it in the queue immediately. Most messages are sent in 10-20 seconds. If a member replies to your text message, eAdventist forwards the reply to the List Admin(s). In the near future, we’ll be adding the ability to reply to just that member, but that isn’t available yet.

  23. Is there any chance they will add voice messaging calls for members who don’t have cell phones?

    • Good question! We’re focused on allowing you to blend email and text messaging. Voice messages aren’t currently on our road map for Messaging Lists. What percentage of your members are in this category?

  24. Hi! I’m the church clerk of our church and I have used the email massaging list and I’m very interested in doing the SMS too since only few uses email in our church. And also I read a comment about having a voicemail messaging I really think that, that is a great idea! Thank you so much! Have a good day everyone!

    • Jelly Ann, we also got your email message and will be adding an SMS number to your list today. We aren’t currently planning to add voice messaging to eAdventist. What percentage of your members are in this category – without email or text messaging?

  25. Novelette Lawson

    Hello Brian,,
    Due to COVID-some members are not aware of what is going on. Is there a system I can set up in order for my self and the Pastor to keep in contact with members.
    Can a church member voted as an elder in his home church and serve as an elder of another church in another State .This particular members does not resides in their State home church.. This particular member visits their home church every so often but does resides in a near by state.The matter was voted on.. Never heard of this

    • Yes, you and the pastor can create a Messaging List to communicate with your members via email and text messaging. I’ll send you a private message with the details. And, yes, your church can elect a person who is a member of another church to serve as an elder in your church.

      • Esmeralda Sanchez

        Is this still available? I’m still looking for an easier way to communicate with all my church members. We are having to use multiple group chats and it’s very confusing.

      • Definitely! We received your email request for SMS numbers and we’ll get back to you today or tomorrow, at the latest.

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  27. Josefe-Anne Guerrier

    Hello Brian,

    I am the Clerk at Mahanaïm SDA in Elmont, NY. I would like to have the information on how to create the Messaging List to communicate with the members please via sms or email. I also, have a question, what if the member only have a landline would the be able to get the message too?

    • Josefe-Anne, I will send you an article that shows how to set up a Messaging List – for both email and sms texting. A member with only a landline can receive your email messages, but would not be able to receive your text messages. We aren’t planning to add voice messaging at this point.

  28. Kim Swarts

    Brian Please contact me regarding SMS feature, I used it for the 1st time and I am getting people replying with What? Who is this? etc. I do not want to confuse people or offend. Thank you

    • Brian, Can you please send more information. When I awkwardly tried to explain the text messaging feature to our new pastor a couple of weeks ago, he thought I as a clerk must have access to portions of eAdventist he doesn’t. Today I re-watched the video and see pastors can use the texting and emailing feature also.
      Can you send me information that can be present to the Pastor and the Board along with directions on how we can utilize it if they chose.
      Also, do you have group in-person or zoom training classes on how to set up and use many of these features?

      • Yes, I’ll email you more information. Pastor Howard’s eAdventist account definitely includes the Messaging List features. However, he doesn’t currently have access to your church, so he’ll need to talk to your conference clerk to get that.

  29. I am Pastor Marcus Taylor of the Maranatha SDAC, Panama City, FL. Please send me information and instructions on how to take advantage of these services.

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