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The new “Involvement” field has been added to help pastors and their churches serve the various groups within their members better. Typical categories that many churches use include:

  • Active
  • Inactive
  • Shut-in
  • Moved away

The pastor or clerk of each church can choose the categories that will best suit their needs, in the new Church Admin section of eAdventist.



Once the categories have been created, you can set the “Involvement” for each person (members and nonmembers).


The Member List layout has been updated to include the “Involvement”, both family and mobile (personal) phones, as well as email address.


Each church chooses their own “Involvement” categories. When a member transfers, their new church will not see the “Involvement” entered by their previous church. The new church can replace it with one of their own “Involvement” categories.

If you have been using Tags to track involvement, we’ll be happy to migrate them to Involvement for you. Email us at

In the near future, you will also be able to use “Involvement” in labels, directories, maps and messaging lists. Let us know which features you would particularly find it useful in.

The eAdventist team

17 comments on “Involvement

  1. Marie Redwine

    Do you have to physically enter an envolvement number for each member?

    • That would be a challenge for your church, wouldn’t it? 🙂 Right now, the answer is “yes” but we’re working on a way for you to do it as easily as possible.

  2. Diane Reese

    This is similar to the “Tags” Gary Gibbs has had us create:
    1. Regular – Attends most Sabbaths

    2. Occasional–Comes once/twice a quarter

    3. Infrequent–Attends few times a year

    4. Non-Attending – Never comes to church

    5. Shut-In–Physically unable to attend

    6. Out of State – Has moved out of area

    7. Unknown – Do not know the person

    Now that we have created these tags for 1/2 our members that the churches have reported, is there a way to import these tags into these new fields you have created?

    [Pennsylvania Conference of Seventh-day Adventists]

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  3. Glynes Benfield

    This is awesome! Thank you

  4. catalacampclerk


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  5. Thank you Brian, you guys are doing good stuff. We appreciate all the features you’re adding to eAdventist to make it more robust of a tool for us doing ministry in the field. 😊

  6. Dolores Sonntag Kinsey

    Very good idea. But it’s a little aggravating to have to double click on the categories. Can you change it to a single click? Thanks.

    • Which step are you needing to double-click for? You should be able to choose the “Involvement” on a person the same way as you choose any of their other drop-down settings.

  7. Vera Myers

    Hi! I have gone in to my membership and started editing and entering involvement codes. How do I get a report of this? I went to church admin, but it does not show how many I have in each category.

    • Good question! We’ll be adding several ways to check on this, but there are 2 initial options. The first is to print your Member List – the “involvement” prints under each person’s name. The second is Person Labels – set the new “Involvement” option and click the “Search” button.

      • Vera Myers

        I tried the second option of Person Labels, set the involvement option and clicked search and it gave me what I needed per involvement category. Thanks a lot. Vera Myers Danville VA

  8. Dr. AudreyAnn Moses

    Hello, this is an awesome addition to eadventist. I’m just seeing it and so I’m happy for the questions that have already been posted. Some of my questions have been answered. However, I feel I am not doing something correctly. I added involvement on my list, however, when I go back to the master membership list, it does not show inactive or missing, even though it does show it on the individual’s page.
    My question is, should I be able to see the status as inactive/missing instead of member on the master membership list? Also, when I use the pull-down, it only shows me member, non-member….missing…. but not inactive. How would I print a list of ONLY missing or inactive?

    Love it but confused

    • If you print your Membership List report, you will see “Inactive” and “Missing” under the names of the people you have assigned them to. I just tried the report for your church and they are there.

      A person’s “involvement” is not the same as their status as a “member” or “nonmember”. You won’t see them together in the same drop-down.

      “Involvement” is going to be an option in lists, labels and directories but isn’t there yet.

      How are you using “Missing” (as an Involvement)? After 2 years of being unable to locate a member, do you change their status to “Missing”?

  9. Can this feature be available for pastors? Would be great to work on with Elders. Thanks.

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