Email Address added to Transfers

Increasingly, conference clerks find email much more effective for processing international transfers than snail mail. To help you take advantage of this, your email address is now included with your address, fax and phone on each transfer that you print. Note that this email, phone and fax information comes from the “Contact email”, “Contact phone” and “Contact fax” settings for your conference.

11 comments on “Email Address added to Transfers

  1. Berniece Wein

    Hi—You are doing so many neat things to improve our already wonderful systerm! Are you incorporating all this new information in the instruction book dated 9/16/2002 or are we just supposed to print each new item and add to our instruction book?


    • Good question, Berniece. The “User Guide” needs an update. However, eAdventist has a fresh, new look on the way that needs to be included in the “User Guide”. At that point, we will update the “User Guide” as quickly as possible.

  2. Patricia Bello

    One question, can international transfers now be made by email or do we need to send them by mail? I do some international every now and then and it’s hard to received response back because of the mail. I have to request one to Guatemala in a few days, so this might help a lot.

    • Patricia, a lot of clerks are finding email much more effective for international transfers, too. You can definitely use email in place of snail mail whenever possible.

  3. David Johnson

    We’ve “printed” to PDF and emailed the result to international entities, but it will still help to have it on the form. Thanks!

    • You’re very welcome. A couple of other clerks have been adding their email information manually and found that it increases their returns.

  4. Milca Vazquez

    Great addition! My conference handles lots of international transfers and the most effective way to do them is though email. Thank you for adding that feature!

  5. kathy dewberry

    i didn’t get a chance to go campmeeting and the time that you’ll had the clerk meeting at the conference in February I wasn’t able to attend. If it;s all possible I would like any information that was presented to the clerks to have so I can update my church information also. Greatly appreciated

  6. Novelette Lawson

    Hello Bryan, a transfer of membership was granted for a church member Trinidad W.I. to our church INBrooklyn
    , in the interim the member was rebaptised in our church. How do I process the transfer back to Trinidad.

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