Getting IE to trust eAdventist

Internet Explorer’s unique approach to browser security can prevent eAdventist from functioning correctly — usually the first time you use eAdventist or after a software update. If this describes your situation, you likely need to add eAdventist to IE’s list of “Trusted Sites”. Fortunately, you only need to make this change in 3 different places (thank you Microsoft)!

Click on the “gear” icon in the top, right corner of IE and choose “Internet options”.


On the “Security” tab, click the “Trusted sites” icon, then the “Sites” button and add both and (that’s 1).


Next, click on the “Privacy” tab, then click the “Sites” button and add both eAdventist sites again (that’s 2). Finally, click the “Settings” button (in the Pop-up Blocker section of the Privacy tab) and add both eAdventist sites (and that’s 3). Now IE will allow eAdventist use things like Javascript and cookies that it needs to function correctly.


At this point, you might be ready to try Firefox or Chrome (our personal favorite). However, eAdventist will work equally well in IE once you’ve established the necessary level of trust.

38 thoughts on “Getting IE to trust eAdventist

  1. This has been a real pain in the neck and I still can not log in. You should have left access up for old system until you got these bugs ironed out.

  2. My experience is spottier with IE. Most (but not all) machines running versions 9 and earlier, even with privacy settings set higher didn’t require compatibility or explicit trusted sites settings. IE10 is different, and this really illustrates this is a browser, and not a site problem.
    I’d also recommend Firefox or Opera; lately I’ve been frustrated with Chrome’s attempt to integrate all things “google+” even at the browser level.

  3. Why does it kick me back to log-in when try to save a request for membership transfer? I did all the things you said to do through the “gear”. It still doesn’t work. What is going on.

    • Like most sites the require a login, eAdventist uses a “cookie” (a small file) to keep track of who you are while you are working on the site. When you are unexpectedly sent back to the Login page, your browser has deleted or rejected the cookie. It sounds like you may have other security software (e.g. anti-virus) or settings in IE that are causing this problem.

      Chances are that we could spot the problem fairly quickly if we could look over your shoulder. Do you have a computer “guru” that could help you review these settings? I will also send you a private email to follow up.

  4. I’ve been able to login a few times – Now, I cannot login at All. What happen??
    I’ve Updated and now I have to go thru these Extra Steps and I stil Cannot Login. It’s frustrating
    So Frustrating. When will this be FIxed??

    • We share your frustration as we have been helping a number of people with the same problem. Unfortunately, it is not something that eAdventist can fix because we didn’t break it. Here is what we have found:

      1) Almost every major site that requires a login and uses a “cookie” (e.g. banks, airlines, stores, Facebook) mentions this IE problem on their Help page.
      2) IE is not consistent. Most people with the exact same Windows and IE as you are able to login without problem.
      3) Adding eAdventist as a “trusted site” has fixed the problem on every computer we have been able to work on.

      Do you have a computer “guru” who could help you double-check your “trusted site” settings? You may also want to try another browser — Firefox or Chrome. I think you would be pleasantly surprised how much nicer they are to use. However, we will be glad to help you troubleshoot IE, too. I’ll send you a private email to follow up.

    • eAdventist locks your account after 3 attempts to sign in with an invalid password. This is to prevent someone else from guessing their way into your account. I will email you more details directly.

  5. I’ve accepted the interim church clerk position at our church. I’m been trying, unsuccessfully to login to the demo eadventist website in order to learn how to use the eadventist website. Everytime, without fail, I receive the message, “invalid login/password.” I’ve done everything the instructions have told me to do. Is there anything else I need to do?

  6. Interesting posts, I thought I was the only one having these issues with log ins and passwords. I understand that IE has been messing around now for nearly a month with updates and integration but this ridiculous. I use Chrome.

    • This particular issue is caused by an approach to cookie security that most browsers supported several years ago (think IE6). The other browsers removed support for it but Microsoft still keeps it in IE. Chrome is our favorite browser, too, but we do our best to ensure that eAdventist works equally well on IE (8 and newer).

  7. Please help!!! I have tried all of the things suggested and I can log in if I by-pass the message in red that there is a problem with the website’s security certificate. However, I am unable to access transfers, I cannot download many membership, officers, files, etc. the msg is It cannot be downloaded. I am at wit’s end. I have 7 transfers which I have spoken to Tania about that should have been taken care of back in November of 2013. I am not a computer friendly person, my husband is and I would appreciate a call or email telling us what we need to do. otherwise being on-line is not much help to me.
    Sharrion Connell Columbus SDA church Home # 205-662-8207 email

    • Congratulations on your new responsibility. Your conference clerk can create an eAdventist account and help you get started. If you let us know what church you belong to, we can provide your clerk’s name and contact info.

    • Anneke, your “demo” account was deactivated by your conference clerk in 2013. I’ll send you an email with the contact info for your new conference clerk if you would like to reactivate your account.

  8. Hi I am a new Clerk , why is so complicate to log in ???? Always is a pain for everything
    I tried to do my best working in Jesus’s Church …

    But I have a 10 hours job .

    Please you guys are working just in the Conference please help us

    C’mon !!!

    • Grilli, logging into eAdventist should be as easy as for any other site that you use. I will email you directly so you can let us know what questions or problems you are experiencing.

  9. I am not able to create my account, every single time I put the code it says is invalid… please help me out because it says after 3 days will be deleted and this is the second day…..:(

    • Selene, I see that you were able to get your account activated and get logged in. Let us know if you have any further questions. For the most prompt response you can email

      Rob Garvin
      eAdventist Team

  10. I have accepted the church clerk position. Having a difficult time logging in. is theer anything I need to do?

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