Attendance in eAdventist

You can now record attendance for your Church Service(s), Sabbath School and any other regularly occurring meeting such as vespers, prayer meetings etc, right in eAdventist!

UPDATE: Attendance has been added to the Pastor and Church Secretary roles in eAdventist.

Here’s how:

Set up Meetings (Note: “Weekly Church Service” and “Weekly Sabbath School” meetings have already been created for most churches to help get you started)

Attendance-Meetings links

1. Click the “Attendance” option under the Organizations heading on the menu

2. Click the “Meetings” link to view the list of meetings

create meeting

3. Click the “Add a meeting” button

4. Select the meeting type (Church Service, Sabbath School, Other). This allows you to enter each church services or Sabbath School class individually, but then summarize them all together as one number for each type in the report to the conference (coming soon!).

5. Enter the meeting description (Divine Worship, Early Service, 11am Service, SS – Earliteen, SS – Cradle Roll, SS – Balcony, Vespers etc)

6. Select the organization, for most users this will be your church

7. Click “Save”

When finished setting up each of the meetings you wish to track, click “Attendance” at the top of the Meetings page or in the menu on the left to go back to the Attendance page.

Record Attendance

create attendance

1. Click the “Add attendance” button

2. Select the meeting you are recording attendance for

3. Enter the date the meeting occurred on

4. Enter the head count for the meeting

5. OPTIONAL: Enter the internet count for the meeting (those watching the sermon online etc)

6. Click “Save”

Attendance Report

attendance report

First, notice that the quarter and year have automatically been assigned to each attendance entry based on the date of the meeting. It has also suggested that we add the Sabbath number for each attendance entry, which is something we’ll look into doing.

To view your attendance on a graph click the “Attendance Report” link on the Attendance screen.

attendance report 2

Select the meetings you wish to appear on the graph, enter the start and stop dates (if desired) and click “Show” to view the graph. In this scenario we’re comparing the Early Service with the Late Service for June. Looks like more people are getting up early!

Our hope is that this will be a useful tool for the local church and not just an easier way of reporting to the conference. We’ve had several pastors tell us, “Who wouldn’t want to know what’s happening in their church every week?” The goal of this attendance feature is to make it easy it easy for the church to track these numbers and view them in a meaningful way on a graph.

God bless,

eAdventist Team

New eAdventist arriving Sept 22




eAdventist will be unavailable on Sunday, September 22, beginning at 6:00 pm (Pacific time) while we update it.

If you are using Internet Explorer 7 or 8, you will want to update to IE 9 or 10. Not only do IE 9 and 10 have much better support for web standards, they are also more secure, faster and easier to use. You will be glad that you update.

Browser stats


There are 7,400 active eAdventist accounts, and almost exactly half of them have been busy on eAdventist in the past month. We found some interesting trends when we looked at the browsers and platforms that they are currently using.


Although IE is still the top browser, the other browsers are gaining on it — particularly Chrome (our personal favorite).


We were particularly pleased to see that most IE users have upgraded to IE 9 or IE 10.


Not surprisingly, 4 out of 5 people are still using Windows but iPad/iPhone/Android is growing.

Bon voyage, Sherri!


Sherri Ingram-Hudgins has played a huge role in eAdventist since it launched in 2003. In the early years she lead out in training and support — so vital for clerks who were new to web applications. For most conference and church clerks, Sherri was “eAdventist”. Later, she shifted to coding and created many of the features in eAdventist today. For the last two years, she has been focused on software projects for Retirement and Education but still found time to help with eAdventist.

Unfortunately (for us), Sherri’s talents and experience were obvious to the General Conference, too. She has accepted their invitation to become the new Director of Membership Software.

We will miss having her on our team but wish her all the best as she leads the team that will provide the world church with tools similar to what eAdventist provides for North America.

Sherri, thank you for all you have done for the eAdventist community. It’s been a great 10 years.

Nancy, Brian & Rob

P.S.  Her new email address will be Also, check out A Hat for Harold, a volunteer-based public charity that Sherri recently started.

eAdventist – What’s Next?

If you read Adventist News Network’s recent article about Membership Software, you discovered that the General Conference will soon be offering a web-based membership application recently developed by the South American Division. This means that the world church will eventually enjoy many of the same benefits as eAdventist has provided to the churches in North America for the last 10 years.

eAdventist is designed to fit the needs of our division in a way that will be difficult to match in a world-focused application. We are currently working on several key features specifically for churches:

  • tags (released 2011)
  • Church Locator app for iPhone/iPad/Android (released March)
  • church directories (released Sept)
  • member photos (released Nov)
  • visitors/interests
  • additional languages (e.g. Spanish, French)
  • personal accounts for members

eAdventist’s internal “plumbing” has recently been updated to enable many of these new features. Also, eAdventist will be getting a fresh new look — watch this blog for a preview. The GC Membership team is planning to establish links between the new software and the established membership applications – eAdventist and the South Pacific Division’s software (based on eAdventist) — to enable inter-division transfers.

The new GC software is not replacing eAdventist. Our team will continue to develop and support eAdventist for North America while the GC team begins to bring similar benefits to other divisions.

We look forward to serving you in 2013 and welcome the rest of the world to the benefits of web-based membership.


It’s a great moment when a member who has been “removed” due to their request or church discipline decides to rejoin the church. This is “reclaiming”.

How does a church clerk record this in eAdventist? The clerk who has the “removed” record can click the “Change Status/Rebaptize” button and select “Reclaim” (added Oct 18, 2011). This will change the person’s status to “nonmember”. If they are being baptized in a different church, you can click “Change church” to move them to the appropriate church. Now the “baptism” can be recorded the usual way.

“Undo removed” should only be used to fix incorrect “removed” entries.


Welcome to the eAdventist blog, a better way to discover new features, changes and tips. For the last couple of years, we’ve been updating eAdventist’s “plumbing” and haven’t made a lot of changes or added many new features. The internal makeover is almost complete and the payoff is already happening.

Up to now, eAdventist has been focused mainly on the needs of church clerks and conference offices. Over the next few months, we will finally be adding features to make eAdventist more useful and powerful for pastors and churches. Keeping you informed about the changes should make the journey more enjoyable for all.

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