Welcome to the eAdventist blog, a better way to discover new features, changes and tips. For the last couple of years, we’ve been updating eAdventist’s “plumbing” and haven’t made a lot of changes or added many new features. The internal makeover is almost complete and the payoff is already happening.

Up to now, eAdventist has been focused mainly on the needs of church clerks and conference offices. Over the next few months, we will finally be adding features to make eAdventist more useful and powerful for pastors and churches. Keeping you informed about the changes should make the journey more enjoyable for all.

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4 comments on “Welcome

  1. Ladysbell Ayala

    Dear eAdventist Staff:
    I am very happy with the updates that are happening with the program. I am all excited. I love my job as a church clerk and you make it easier for me. Thank you.

    Since you are introducing new changes I would like to take the oportunity to make known to you a request that I have wanted to share with you for a long time. The updating of addresses, phones, and e-mails is constant so I need visual accesibility to all the important fields of every member in one place. The Family Unit Report supplies this information but one field that I would love to see integrated to that page and is missing is the e-mail information of everyone, that way when I compare my membership information from my FUR hard copies with that of the Church Administrator, who has her own program (CMD church directory data), It would be easier to compare how congruent are both of our datas without having to search individually for every single e-mail not printed on the FUR.

    I am sure you have thought about this but I think that It’s always good to have feedback from your church clerks and users. Keep doing an awsome job. If there is a better way to comunicate with you, please let me know.

    In Christ love,

    Ladysbell Ayala
    Winter Springs SDA Church, FL

    • The FUR (family unit report) was built for clerks that weren’t using a computer to access eAdventist. Email addresses weren’t important to them, so they weren’t included on the FUR. Thank you for explaining how you use FURs. We’ve added “Email” just below “Name”. eAdventist provides 60 characters for email addresses. There isn’t this much room on the FUR, so longer email addresses will be truncated but most will fit.

  2. Claudia Kaiser

    Thank you for FINALLY updating this program to be a little more useful for Pastors and churches. There is a lot more work to do to make eAdventist better but I also agree with Ladysbell Ayala regarding a way to know via a report when an address has changed. I’ve been the church clerk at our church for over 23 years and have had to keep two or more databases up to date and it’s been very time consuming. I also take care of the church directory – pictorial and regular. I use a whole other database to store the picture and other info. .

    One other issue that I would like bring up is that when it comes to transfer people, I have a difficult time with parents and young children who aren’t yet baptized and a member. Many times I just request the baptized adults and not the children, but when it gets voted for the parents, that “transfers” over, but the children are still at the old church. Is there a way to include the children in the transfer even if they aren’t baptized members?

    Thanks, again, for this program. The internet does make it useful to use anywhere, any time.

    Claudia Kaiser, Church Clerk
    Chapel Oaks SDA Church
    Shawnee, KS

    • Claudia, check out the for an efficient way to track changes to your members.

      Moving nonmember children when their parents transfer is undoubtedly a hassle. The challenge is to find a solution that doesn’t violate privacy and security constraints. If you can help us find a good solution, we’d love to add it for you. Even the current design is a step up from the days of paper transfers (pre-eAdventist) when you didn’t get any information about nonmembers. But we’d love to make it better.

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