Even If Your Name is…


Some of us inherit names that are a little “more” than we want for everyday use. We’ve just added the Legal name field to eAdventist so that you can record these names for your members and use First name for their “everyday” name. Here is what the Person screen looks like now.



Person Search helps you find these members of this by searching both “First name” and “Legal name”.


You’re welcome, Fredegar.

7 thoughts on “Even If Your Name is…

  1. Good Morning… Just a comment…. all the clerks in the conference must be VERY young, with VERY good eyesight. I am not one of them. There is no way I can read your demo pages. Guess I’ll just have to “blunder” through next time I need to make an entry. I hope the actual pages are user friendly. Shirley Lippincott Estacada Church Clerk

  2. Thank you…Thank you…Thank you…you guys rock!

    Have been needing this for some time!

    Nancy Skinner

    Membership Coordinator

    Forest Lake Church

  3. What a good idea! This applies to me personally and will be SO helpful. Many people do not go by their legal names. ☺

    Thanks guys!

    Chris Simpson
    Admin Asst to President Stephen Orian
    Membership Clerk

    Arkansas-Louisiana Conference of SDA
    PO Box 31000
    Shreveport, LA 71130-1000

    (318) 631-6240 Ext 207
    Fax (318) 631-6247

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