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Why the new screens?!#$%?

Why fix what ain’t broken? I’m not a big fan of change that I didn’t ask for either, so we wouldn’t do that to you unless we thought the gain would outweigh the pain.

When you look up a person (or church), you now need to click “Edit this Person” (or “Edit this Organization”) in order to make changes. Nobody likes extra clicks, so why? Two main reasons:

  • Pastors find eAdventist very hard to use because they have “read-only” accounts and browsers show “read-only” fields in gray.
  • Novice clerks accidentally change the names of people and churches, causing headaches for themselves and their conference clerks.

Once we created the separate “show” and “edit” screens to solve these problems, we discovered that the “show” screen was much easier to read and could hold new information and features — like live Google Maps. We actually hated using the old “edit” view when we weren’t actually editing and realized you probably would, too.

We want eAdventist to be as useful as possible for everybody who uses it, so all we ask is that you give yourself a week to get used to the new screens, then let us know if you still find them hindering you. We hope you’ll see them as “presents” rather than “coal”.

4 comments on “Why the new screens?!#$%?

  1. This is the BEST & most useful feature added recently… It WILL save us MANY mistakes done accidentally by clerks & could only be fixed by eAdv. crew 🙂
    So THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming up with the idea all together.

    We’re TRULY blessed to have you guys, not just for the added features, but for ALL your VERY prompt reply & support that we “clerks” get all the time & whenever we’re in trouble/in need. 🙂
    Can’t thank you enough…. But the LORD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY.

    Sarah Gouda-Maka
    Ontario Conference

  2. Thank you for making E-Adventist user-friendly and keeping us
    up-to-date on changes and improvements!

  3. This was a great idea. I have phone dialing software that notices the phone number on web pages and allows me to click to dial. Also the address block can easily be copied and pasted into other applications.

    How about arranging the screen so that the person’ s name, Mailing name, address and phone number are arranged in a single block so that we can cut and paste this basic information in one step. Letters and outlook contacts could be set up easily with cut and paste.

  4. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! This is a wonderful tool for gaining additional resources for Eadventist. The goal for all clerks is to work smarter and not harder. We have huge responsibillity…any help is greatly appreciated.

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