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Tags vs. Committees

“Tags” are just a flexible way to group people in eAdventist.

A conference might create a “Snowbird” tag to mark members who head south in winter and need their addresses switched. A pastor might create a “Bible study” tag to mark people he is currently studying with. A church secretary might use a “Christmas Sabbath” tag to mark people participating in a special church service.

Use the “Person Search” and “Person Labels” features to quickly find all people with the tag.

“Tags” are like “Committees” in three main ways:

  • A church has its own tags, the conference has its own tags —  they don’t mix
  • Your “tags” are visible to other users in your church or conference office
  • Your “tags” are not visible to other conferences or churches
  • When a tagged person is transferred, your “tags” stay behind

“Tags” are different than “Committees” in most other ways:

  • Anybody in your church or conference office can use and change your “tags”, only the owner of a “committee” can change it
  • Use “tags” in combination with other criteria in “Person Labels”.
  • When a user leaves your office or church, their “committees” are orphaned until the conference clerk deletes them or assigns a new owner. “Tags” don’t have owners.

“Committees” are great for actual committees because the owner can ensure that they are correct. For almost everything else, the flexibility of “tags” is probably a much better fit.

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