Live-streaming on a Budget

There’s an abundance of articles about live-streaming for churches. But information is much harder to find when you need to live-stream church on a budget – as in from home, without an A/V team. This collection of tips will help you start live-streaming with minimal equipment and experience, using Facebook Live or YouTube Live Streaming.

What you Need
  • internet connection with WiFi
  • phone, tablet, web cam or digital camera
  • tripod and phone/tablet holder
  • microphone and stand (optional)
Using Facebook Live
  • requires Facebook account
  • use Facebook app on phone/tablet/laptop/computer
  • 2+ Mbps upload speed (any less will glitch or drop)
  • set video to 720p at 30 frames/sec
  • to broadcast in landscape, start Live in portrait, then rotate (icons should rotate, too)
  • set Audience to “Only me” to practice
Using Youtube Live Streaming
  • requires YouTube, Google or GMail account (24-hr wait to enable streaming)
  • use YouTube Studio app on computer with webcam (phone/tablet requires 1000+ subscribers)
  • Set Audience to “No, it’s not made for kids” (not the primary audience)
  • includes advanced options (e.g. encoding, video switching) when you’re ready
  • set Webcam to “Private” for testing
All-purpose tips
  • minimize number of people sharing your internet connection
  • use tripod (large or small) and phone/tablet holder
  • phones and tablets use variable frame rate (audio drift)
  • check that phone/tablet/laptop is fully charged or plugged in
  • use front-facing camera so your screen can act as a monitor
  • Speedtest by Ookla – free ($5 for ad free), test your upload speed
  • Fast by Netflix – free, click “more” to see upload speed
  • DownDetector – shows any current problems with popular sites (e.g. Zoom)

If you have any additional tips, let us know and we’ll add them to this list.

Be safe!

The eAdventist team

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