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Attach a File

eAdventist’s Mailing Lists are a powerful way to stay in touch with members in your church or conference. Now you can include file attachments in your messages – the agenda for your next board meeting, PDF announcing an upcoming event, registration forms, reports, photo images, and more. Just be sure that any file you want to send is under 9MB.

Here’s how it works. Create your message, then click on the “paperclip” icon and choose a file to attach. That’s it!


Here’s what it looks like in action!


Oh, and one more thing. If you’d like to see what you’re about to send to your entire list, you can now send a test message to yourself before clicking “Send” to everybody.


Extra power and insurance for your Mailing List.

7 comments on “Attach a File

  1. Miriam Lima

    Hi Brian I want to thank you for the e-mail, but i am not the clerk of the Lizo Brazilian anymore, I’m not even in NJ anymore, so if you kindly leave my email ( out of your list I would appreciate. The clerk of Lizo Brazilian today is Marcello Latta Miriam Lima

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Ermelinda Falcon

    Great news, about time!!!

  3. This is an defunct email address.  Please send all future emails to Thank you,Carol BokChurch ClerkPalm Coast SDA Church, Palm Coast, FL

    • No problem, Carol. I’ve removed your old email address from our “Following” list. Also sent an invite to your new email address so that you can continue following eAdventistNews.

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