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The “Change Family” screen has been a challenge — particularly for new clerks — because it combined several different types of changes on a single screen. If it has ever tripped you up, you will appreciate the way it has just been streamlined to make it faster and more intuitive.

Choosing a new Primary Contact is now a single, separate step. Just click on the new “Change” button beside the Primary Contact’s name on the “Person” screen (below).

"Person" screen with new "Change" button for Primary Contact.
“Person” screen with new “Change” button for Primary Contact.

This is what you will see when you click the “Change” button. Choosing a new Primary Contact is now faster and clearer.

Choose a Primary Contact.
Choose a Primary Contact.

The “Change Family” button is now exclusively for moving the person to a different family — a new one or an existing one. If the person you are trying to move is the Primary Contact, eAdventist will let you know if you need to choose a new one first.


Here is the new, streamlined “Change Family” page. Enjoy.


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    What is the difference in Seventh Day Adventist and eAdventise

    • Good question. eAdventist is a site that is used by the Seventh-day Adventist churches across North America for membership records.


    Thank you! Wonderful. Yes, it was very confusing. Linda

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  3. Gaylen and Kitty Johnson

    Hello Brian!

    I am going from the clerk of 20 something years of the Brunswick, ME SDA Church to an assistant taking care of membership that is inactive – unknown – you name it! I just got a new computer, and forgot that I should have used my iPad, and not tried to log in to the desk top. I do not have Internet Explorer, but I do have Safari! I am not able to log in to either computer! I’m just locked out! How do I resolve this situation?

    Looking forward to some help! Rita Smith our wonderful Conference Clerk sent an email from you, but it seemed to be mainly dealing with Internet Explorer!

    Any info will be much appreciated! I love doing my job well!

    Thanks! God Bless! Kitty Johnson

    • Kitty, eAdventist should work equally well on both your iPad and your desktop — in both Internet Explorer or Safari. I’ve unlocked your account so you can try signing in again. If you have any problems signing in, contact me at

  4. What am I missing? I’ve figured out merging 2 into one family but I can’t see how to add non-member children to an existing family – or is this no longer an option? I know non-members can create challenges if they aren’t changed before the primary member is transferred.

    • Rhonda, use the “New person” button to add a new nonmember to a family. You can find it on the right side, just above the list of family members. Feel free to email us at if there is a particular family that you need help with.

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