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Smoother transfers!

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Church and conference clerks spend a lot of time on membership transfers, so we want the process to be as smooth and efficient as possible. Here is how they just got even smoother!

Where did my “vote” links go?



The first change you’ll notice is that (#1) the “vote” links are gone. Just click the “view” link to view or vote. Next, (#2) you now have the ability to filter the transfers list by last name and/or church – especially helpful for large conferences. Finally, (#3) the “Print Pending” button has been moved for a “cleaner” look.

Adding a request


No changes here.

“Filter” power

Filter transfers

Filtering the transfers list by name or church makes it easier to process an entire family or group. Your filter values “stick” until you change them or log out. NOTE: Filtering also helps you find past transfers since it ignores the “days to show” setting and searches back to the beginning of time (eAdventist time, that is).

The new “view”

View transfer

The “view” link now takes you to a clear picture of the transfer process with (#1) a “Grant/Deny” or “Accept/Decline” button when it’s your turn to vote.  (#2)”Withdraw” and “undo” links are easy to find and use.

Entering a vote

Vote transfer

No changes here, either.

You just entered a vote…

Voted transfer

This is where we have improved the “flow”. After entering a vote, you return to the “Transfer” screen where you can see the results of your changes with easy access to “undo” or the next voting step. Click the “Back to transfers” to choose another transfer.

Going back

Back to transfers

The other big change is that (#1) the “Back to transfers” link returns to the same tab (e.g. “To grant”, “To accept”, “Completed”, “Withdrawn”) on the “Transfers” page that you started from. This makes it much easier to process a batch of transfers — an entire family, for instance. As a bonus, (#2) eAdventist no longer needs to automatically take you to the just-voted transfer’s new tab, so you spend less time waiting for the “Transfers” list to load.

That’s it. Essentially the same process with a few small but powerful changes to make transfers even easier to process. A big thank you to Susan Hess (Florida Conference) and Claudya Barrientos (Potomac Conference) for their help on this.


19 comments on “Smoother transfers!

  1. Marian Phillips

    Good work!

  2. Faith Mattison

    Is there ever a training for the clerical process?? I took the clerk job for my church, but sometimes feel I’m just winging it. The past clerks really don’t have records or info for me, so I’m starting from scratch. Thanks – faith

    • Carol Withey

      Faith – I know how you feel! However, I started a desk manual that contains everything I do and how to do it. It has taken quite some time but should be well worth it to the person taking my job when I leave someday.

    • Excellent question, Faith. Most conferences have officer training events for key positions – elder, treasurer, clerk. Check with Diane, your conference clerk, to see what your conference is offering. You can email her or our team ( with any questions that you have. We’ll make sure you get answers so that you don’t need to wing it.

  3. Darden Gilbert

    Just read these new changes. I used it before reading the updates above. Great changes!
    NOW, how about making it simpler to update a members address, or office or whatever needs
    to change. In trying to up-date files sometime back I inadvertently caused duplicate files which
    Debbie had to fix. I need simple, straight forward ways to do this. Thanks so much. Darden

    • Glad you like the Transfers changes. We’ve done our best to make other updates — address, officer, etc. — as easy as possible, too. What do you find most challenging about them? Knowing what you find confusing or difficult will help us decide what could be improved.

  4. Novel Lawson

    Our church is having a Home Coming in September and the Sabbath School Dept is requesting the names addresses and contact numbers of past members and Pastors. I have no idea where to locate these names.We do keep a church record book and i don’t really want to go back to the book to look up each individual names. Is there an easier way. Thanks.

    • Novel, you will need to dig into the book. Your church has been using eAdventist since 2005 but, for privacy reasons, you cannot access members that have transferred to other churches. Your conference clerk may have some of this information archived and might be able to save you some searching.

  5. Novel Lawson

    A new member of our church recently got baptised and i sent the info to the conference, but only to find out that I duplicated his name twice. How can I undo to only have one name.

    • Novel, find the record that you want to drop, click the “Change Status” button. You should see an “Undo Baptism” button that will reverse the extra baptism — changing the “extra” person from a “member” back to a “nonmember”. Finally, click the “Change Status” button again, set “Change to” to “Deleted” and click the “Save” button. Done.

  6. Debbie Tirayoh

    I cant find the request transfer button. I can only view. What should I do?

    • Debbie, the role assigned to your account does not include transfers. Contact Irma, your conference clerk, if you would like to begin using eAdventist to process your transfers. She will be able to add that ability to your account.

  7. im getting a lots of profession of faith from the islanders and i cant seem to contact a church by eadventist and some of thwm cant give me a church name or address. What do i do then? i had this lady that told me she was a member of this church in new york and the clerk to me they havent heard from the lady in over 15 years and they deleted her from their membership. what do you do then?

  8. Ruby Kane

    I am trying to transfer a member to an out of state church. It keeps taking me to our church for transfer in versus out. What am I not doing or am doing wrong?

    • Ruby, you can request a transfer into your church. However, another church needs to request the transfer out of your church.

  9. Belinda Torres

    what does the green light and yellow light mean?

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