Sneak Preview


The design team at Stimme der Hoffnung (“Voice of Hope”) in Germany is gaining a reputation for their creative work. Not too surprising, since “German engineering” is practically synonymous with great design. We asked them to help us create a fresh, new look for eAdventist. They delivered and the new design will be ready for you to test drive in just a few more days.

But that seems like so long to wait so we decided to give you a sneak peek. Enjoy!




3 comments on “Sneak Preview

  1. Karen, we apologize for the problems that some people who use IE have experienced. We made a change on Friday that seems to satisfy IE’s “privacy” requirements for most of them. Contact us at if you are still unable to sign in.

  2. tom steinberg

    Im new to the site and cant get into account settings and the church site I was given a password or activation code then I changed to my own password and email site . I followed all suggestions to the gears site etc. Can you help. Ontario Conference Bracebridge Church.

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