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Reclaimed report added

A year-and-a-half ago, we added the “reclaim” option to use when a member that has been “removed” rejoins a church. eAdventist has been accumulating those “reclaimed” statistics and conferences can now use the new “Reclaimed” report to print them by Year, Quarter or Month (just Baptisms, Missing, etc.).

10 comments on “Reclaimed report added

  1. How will this show up on the baptism report? Is it to be used when there is a baptism after someone was removed? Does it, in effect, do away with the removed status or does it just allow us to track those who were once removed and have now come back by rebaptism?

    • If a person who is “Removed” in your records rejoins by baptism, you can use “Reclaim”. It will change their status from “Removed” to “Nonmember”. Now you can move them to a different church, if necessary, and enter the “Baptism”. This will change their status to “Member”. Your statistical report will show the “Baptism”.

  2. Novelette Lawson

    A member rebaptised do you add thm a new member or leave them as is ,old member.Does this change the statical report

    • Good question. You will want to enter a “rebaptism” on the existing member record. This will show in the “Rebaptism” column of the Statistical Report and not increase your membership total. If you add the person as a new member, they will show in the “Baptism” column and increase your membership total (incorrectly). You will also have duplicate records for the member.

      The “User Guide” (on the Support tab) is a great reference for scenarios like this.

  3. Novelette Lawson

    Member who have requested outgoing transfer from to another church.The church borard approves the transfer. Does the Clerk need to wait to do the 1 and 2nd reading before the process is actually done in e-Adventist..

    • Yes, you definitely should complete your church’s part of the process — board vote, 1st & 2nd readings — before entering the vote in eAdventist.

  4. Toni F. Henry

    Brian, this new blogging is great! If you entered a person(s) into system for transfer and now their names are gone, could you retrieve the prior entry so the person(s) won’t have to wait for another timeframe. It seem to appear that the names dropped off the transfer list input 3/8/2013 requested, where should I look for the information?

    • Toni, there are a lot of factors that affect what you see on the Transfers screen. It would probably be easier to explain what you are seeing if you can send us the names from a specific case or two. Be sure to email them directly to us at (rather than posting them here).

  5. Novelette Lawson

    A member requesting transfer from the Island example Jamaica or Trinidad, 1 and 2nd reading has not been done as the person got baptised in one of our crusade.What do I do. The church is awaiting a response.Do I inform he was baptise.Need your answer asap.

    • If this person was already a baptized member, you should try to have them transferred. If you are unable to get a reply to your request or are unable to locate the person’s membership, they would usually be added to your church by “Profession of Faith” but “Baptism” would probably be appropriate since they were rebaptized. It would probably be a good idea to check with your pastor to see how he would prefer to handle this.

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