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Church Directory now available in “vanilla”

eAdventist had a “Church Directory” report that provided the roster information “by family” — as exported data only. We didn’t include a printed PDF report since most churches want a layout that reflects their unique style and needs rather than a “vanilla” layout.

We have just added a “by person” option and included “vanilla” printed PDF reports for both options. If you like “vanilla”, your work is almost done. If you prefer more exotic flavors, use the “vanilla” layout for proofing. You can still mix your own flavor for publishing using the exported data and layout tool of your choice (e.g. Word, Excel, InDesign, Publisher).

6 comments on “Church Directory now available in “vanilla”

  1. Koami DaCruz

    Thanks for the wonderful work. I would like to find when you will be adding the picture option for the church directory?

    • Koami

      You can now add photos of members and nonmembers to eAdventist. Soon you will be able to add family photos, too. The next step will be to include these photos in the church directory. Does your church print the directory with photos of individuals or of families?

      • My church print the directory with photos of individuals and families depending on the status of the head of the household. If it is a single person, we print just that person’s picture; but, if it is a couple (with or without children), we print family pictures.

      • Koami

        That seems to be how many churches (including my own) create their directories, too. We will definitely be adding this ability to the “church directory” feature soon after we add “family photos”.

  2. Joanne Smith

    I am helping my church pull together a church business directory. Would I be able to access and use the “vanilla” church directory you speak of?

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