Uploading organization photos

You can now upload image files for your organizations again. eAdventist will automatically resize them, if necessary.


3 comments on “Uploading organization photos

  1. I love it so much. Thank you for this wonderful work. I would like to find out if you can add a feature that will allow clerks to edit the directory, add pictures, etc…

    I realized that members that we recently transferred still show up in the directory. These occurred early this month. Will that be the reason why?

    Thanks again

    • When you say “edit the directory, add pictures”, you are referring to the Church Directory, right? We plan to let you store member photos in the near future. These will definitely need to be part of the Church Directory.

      When you print the Church Directory report, it uses your current membership. People who have transferred out will not be included unless one of their family members is still in your church. If there is a specific case you have a question about, you can contact us at

      • It will be a nice a feature to have. Also adding the email option will be nice as well.

        Will we have the ability to edit the actual directory? Thanks, Koami

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