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Those pesky timeouts

When the eAdventist server doesn’t hear from you for more than 30 minutes, it does you a favor and expires your session to keep it secure. Most clerks swear the timeout is much less than 30 minutes and it doesn’t feel like much of a favor when it times out while you’re on a phone call.

Now, eAdventist will warn you when your session has one more minute left and show you a count-down timer. During that minute, you can click the “I’m still here” link to extend your session for another 30 minutes. If your session expires, your browser will now automatically redirect to the Login page. Still secure, just easier to work with.

5 comments on “Those pesky timeouts

  1. This is just great to see this website get q new look. And the improvements seem to be just what we needed. It is nice to see someone take not of our clerk job. Yes, Chris, you are our stronghold there at the conference and we thank you for all you do for us. I am sure there are others we do not know about who is urging us to do our best and witness to others by our work. We have a great conference with many qualified leaders.
    Thank you again for blessing us with your great seminars and education studies that have been available to us in the past.

  2. Thanks for the improvements which you’ve been making. Your responsiveness is to be commended. Thanks again.

  3. Rosalia Coffen

    Thank you for these new features on e-Adventist and for the comment postings.

    Did something change for printing out the FURs? Before all the recent changes, I had no problem printing them. Now I cannot. Is it a problem with my equipment or what?

    • The changes on the FURs have been mostly cosmetic and should still print. We’ll be happy to help you troubleshoot this problem. You can email us at The first thing to check is that you have the current version of Adobe Reader installed. Let us know if you still have trouble printing.

      • Rosalia Coffen

        Thank you for your willingness to help. After several weeks of trying to print without success, within 10 minutes of posting this question, I tried again using a couple different steps and successfully printed a FUR.

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