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Reclaimed: Welcome Back

NOTE: The process for recording “Reclaimed” in eAdventist has been updated beginning in 2018. See Reclaimed: Welcome Back (Updated) for the details.

It’s a great day when a former member decides to rejoin the church family. We’re making a change to eAdventist help you track these events. Until now, clerks have recorded both new and former members rejoining as a “Baptisms”. Now, the former members will be recorded as “Reclaimed”.

When someone who has been “Removed” from membership decides to rejoin, click the “Change Status” button and choose “Start Reclaim”.


The person’s “Status” will be changed to “Nonmember”. If the person is rejoining a different church, you can the use “Change” button (next to the Church) to move them to the appropriate church.


The History and Statistics screens will now show this initial change.


Next, click the “Change Status” button and choose “Reclaim” (instead of “Baptism”).


This will change the person’s “Status” to “Member” (just like “Baptism” would) but will indicate that they rejoined “by Reclaim”.


Both the History and Statistics screens will now show these 2 steps.


Naturally, eAdventist allows you to undo “Start Reclaim” and “Reclaimed” statistics in case you ever need to correct a mistaken entry.

We are currently updating all of the statistical reports to include a new “Reclaimed” column. If you run these reports for any quarter earlier than 2nd Quarter, 2017 the “Reclaimed” column will always be zero because they are included in the “Baptism” column. From 2nd Quarter, 2017 on, the “Reclaimed” column will show them separate from the “Baptism” column.

Let us know if you have any other questions about the new “Reclaimed” statistic. You can find more information about “Reclaiming” in this knowledge base article.


12 comments on “Reclaimed: Welcome Back

  1. Connie Letniak

    Great improvement!!

  2. Please remove my name as the clerk at the Riverside Church in the U.P. Our clerk is Cheri Nietling. Thank you.

    • Cheri is the only one listed as clerk for Riverside in eAdventist. I’m guessing that you would like to stop receiving email from eAdventistNews, right? All you need to do is click the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the message. Let me know if you have any other questions about this.

  3. Brenda

    Thanks. This is great

  4. Nancy C Stevenson

    This is absolutely fantastic – great addition to eAdventist

  5. Ugochi Udihirinwa

    This is great.

  6. Anita Heisig

    What happens when it was someone who was removed prior to the institution of eadventist, like 20 or 30 years ago?

  7. Henricka Hamilton

    What changes need to be done if a member was not removed but apostatized and has been re baptized?

    • If the “removed” wasn’t recorded when the person was dropped for apostasy, you would want to record it now (with the date that it happened), then enter the new baptism as “reclaimed”. That way you will have a record of the member’s history.

  8. Lannetta Hall

    do not have a reclaimed button

    • “Reclaimed” isn’t a button in eAdventist, it’s an option in the drop-down list. Check out the screenshots in this article and let me know if you are seeing something different.

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